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I ate a Twix.

You’ve read the title of this and may hesitate to read but I will tell you this: I ate a Twix and I lived to tell the story.

Last week, I was subjected to work training. In a classroom. For hours and hours. Sitting. Not moving. Reading material. You get the point: terror.

I had eaten a solid breakfast of a banana + bowl of oatmeal with craisins + 2 hardboiled eggs compliments of the hotel breakfast. I had continued to drink a plethora of water (not just because it’s good for me but because I was hoping that it would make me have to pee nearly every hour just so I could get up and leave 🙂 ) I already had to get up every 3-4 hours to go pump but that just wasnt’ enough.

Lunch was catered and it was a salad and pizza bar. Blasted. I piled my salad plate high and got 2 pieces of the chicken and basil flatbread (delish). Drank more water and high fived myself for being so good.

Then 3 PM came.

The hotel staff brought in a platter of Snickers bars and Twix bars.

I stared at my bag of almonds and peanut butter crackers and had a heated inner battle with myself to not give in to the Twix. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had a candy bar and I lost. I fell flat on my face (not literally) and picked up the Twix bar.

I sat it on top of my booklet and stared at it (gave it the evil eye hoping that it would grow legs and walk itself off of my table). It did not.

I ate it. It was good but not as good as I remembered…………….or hoped.

Immediately, I felt a huge wave of guilt. I even found myself embarassed. I couldn’t even focus and really began to hate on myself.

Over 1 stinkin’ Twix.


When dinner came, I didn’t even look at the salad or fish and went straight to the sandwiches and meatier entrees because I was so upset that I ate the Twix. So upset that I ALMOST ruined my dinner. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we allow 1 misshap, 1-250 calorie, 24 g of sugar candybar destroy our ENTIRE clean eating day? And our entire mood?

It makes NO SENSE.

I ended up ordering mahi mahi over a bed of sauteed vegetables and 1 glass of wine and enjoyed my dinner.

My point is, do not let 1 cheat ruin the hard work that you’ve done. I was about to destroy my entire dinner and order foods that I normally don’t and would probably end up with an upset stomach and miserable night all because of a Twix. Dumb, right?

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to take a step back. To breathe a little. I had a Twix. So what? Move on.

Eat clean, Pump some iron, and Be a Fit Fox!


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