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2014 Letter to Myself

I’m writing a letter to myself and I definitely recommend that you do the same. It may seem odd but I strongly believe that it will make a difference in your outlook going into 2014 and also hold you accountable. I’m sharing my letter to myself to you. May you and yours have a very Happy New Year!

Dear Amanda,

You had a great 2013 but what I have planned for you is an even better 2014.

Be patient. You will start running again and even though your boobs may never feel the same again or your hips pop non stop, you will run again.

To Do: You will run the 2014 Top of Utah Half Marathon and it may not be as fast as the 2012, but you will run it. Be patient.

Shave your legs. Having a baby is no excuse to stop shaving your legs. Matt would second that.

To Do: Shave your legs at least once a week (twice would be nice but we have to start somewhere).

Be nice. Be nice to yourself. Don’t tear yourself apart at every piece of cellulite that you see or the stretch mark that glares you in the face. Be nice to your body.

To Do: Give yourself at least one compliment about YOUR BODY every single day.

Give. You have a good job, a good living, and a good life. Give to others!

To Do: Volunteer your time in areas that you are passionate about: nutrition education (that is what your parents spent good money on!) after school reading programs, animal rescue, and fitness (duh!).

Make at least one new clean recipe each week. You made and ate turkey chili every single week of 2013. Admit it.

To Do: Continue to bulk cook on the weekends but make something new each time!

Less Tech. Every morning , the first thing that you do is grab your phone. Stop that. Every night, you continue to check emails on your phone. Stop that. Do I need to further explain this to you?

To Do: Spend your mornings relishing special moments with Matt and Liam. Love the sounds that Liam makes instead of listening for your phone. Put away your phone/laptop when work is done and dedicate 100% of your energy and time on Matt and Liam.

Try one new thing every week. This one I’m leaving open for you. “Thing” can mean anything.

To Do: Try a new workout. Try rice milk. Try a new hair style. Try lipstick.

Keep your feet pretty. You may be a runner but your feet shouldn’t be all dry, scaley, and look like shiz.

To Do: Get pedicures at least once every couple of months. Use lotion on your feet after each shower. You’re welcome.

Write a letter each week.

To Do: Write a letter once a week to a family member or friend. Let them know you love them and why they’re so special to you.

Don’t be so serious. There are many times when you take EVERYTHING seriously. Laugh it off. Breathe a little.

To Do: Don’t be so serious. 🙂

Listen. You are often thinking about what you want to say while the other person is talking. Stop that.

To Do: Listen to the person talking. Truly take in what they are saying and take the time to process it.

Small things matter the most. Needs no explanation.

To Do: Stop and thank God everyday for your precious little boy, for your family and friends, and for the air you breath.

Take a Fitness Class. You need to get rid of your fear of fitness classes. You may look like an idiot. Your mom is a better step class worker-outer than you and that’s ok. Yoga doesn’t count as a fitness class, you already do that.

To Do: Try a non Yoga fitness class at the base gym or at the Rec center during 2014. You must go to the class at least 6 times.  

Hold hands more often. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean that you should stop giving Matt a little love.

To Do: Kiss Matt multiple times a day. Hold his hand as much as you can.

Get after it Fox.


P.S. Call your grandparents, parents, sister, brother, and friends more.



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