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I am a sucker for the weight room. That’s where I zone out and do my “thing.” I love the smell of the weights (is that gross?), the sound of the plates hitting each other, and the burn that it gives my body. I feel powerful in the weight room and that is my place.

On the other hand, stick me in a room with people doing Zumba and you will see me dancing on the floor (other people would describe it as “seizing”) without a smile on my face. It’s just not my thing.

The thing to remember about working out is that you MUST FIND YOUR “THING”. You are 100 times MORE likely to STICK WITH YOUR WORKOUTS, if you find something that you like to do. If you don’t like to run-heck, DONT run. There are many of forms of cardio. If you absolutely despise the weight room, do not fret-do a cross fit style workout and learn to love push ups and squats! The point is, find what you love and it will no longer feel like “working” out but rather “sweating to look good” and having fun while you do it.

Below are some of my favorite workouts that I have put together myself or found and use from other facebook/bloggers. Every single one of these workouts is printed on a sheet of paper and inside my workout journal. Keep these handy!

Note: Please adjust your weight accordingly. If you are not comfortable using weights or performing the exercise, try it with just your body weight first! If you’re unsure of what the exercise is, please feel free to message me, youtube it, or ask a trainer. Always be SAFE!


One thought on “Workouts

  1. Tanae cook on said:

    Love the workouts! Thanks so much 🙂

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