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Post Baby Body

If you’re like me, you want to see the pictures first then read about it later………….don’t deny it……….it’s how we all function.

I’m in my underwear and bra……….consider yourself warned:

Pre Pregnancy Body (165 LBS)


39 weeks pregnant (220 LBS-Yep, gained 55 LBS)


1 Month Post Partum (198 LBS)


2 Months Post Partum (190 LBS)


3 Months Post Partum (today-11/14/13) (185 LBS)


I know that it may be hard to see the difference between 2 months and 3 so I’ll just tell you. I can now see my C section scar without having to lift up the roll of fat and skin and I can ALMOST see both hip tattoos whole without having to mush my skin. There.

I’m still shaking my head and asking myself why in the world am I showing y’all these? Honestly,  because I kind of feel like I’m the only one out there but I know that I’m not. I see other fit moms and their post baby bodies and they look lean and ripped (and I want to punch them in the face……nicely). I want to be very REAL and HONEST with you even if it means sharing the stretch marks, cellulite, and all.

I’m still 20 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight but what I have found even more dumbfounding are the inches that I’ve put on. From the side, I may not look so bad but the full frontal view is show stopping. Pre pregnancy my hips were 38.5 inches. As of this morning, my hips are at 42.5 inches. I am 4 inches WIDER than before and I believe that you can tell by the pictures. My hips, thighs, knees (yep), and calves (yep to that, too) are bigger than ever before.

All in all, I’m okay with this. I’m able to exclusively breastfeed my baby boy and know that I am providing all of the nourishment that he needs. Eh, I just lied a little bit there. I’m not ALL okay with it. I do find myself staring, squeezing, sucking in, and pooching it out (I can entertain myself) for no real reason. My “strict exercise regime” that I had started at 8 weeks post partum flew out the door after 2 weeks. Liam and I went to TX to visit family for over a week and I started back to work. Are either an excuse? Nope.

I know that I have a long road ahead but I am going to embrace the challenge. And I’m excited (and stupidly scared) to share this challenge with you.

Even when I start to think about all of the weight I gained, all of the weight I’ve lost, and how much weight I still need to lose, I’m reminded of my little creation, my miracle and I calm down.

Thus, I leave you with another obnoxious amount of Liam:

IMG_0038[1] IMG_0013[1]

DSC03791 DSC03790


Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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2 thoughts on “Post Baby Body

  1. Sylvia Terry on said:

    What a brave young Mommy you are!! I think you are doing great……consistently loosing pounds & inches! You will get there and you will maintain your loss because that’s the kind of person you are! I’m so proud of you! Babies come at a cost, but it’s minimal when you think of how precious Liam is!
    Did I ever thank you for making me a Great Grandma? I am so fortunate to have wonderful grandchildren and so blessed with my Great Grandsons!!

    Love you so much!


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