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MASH UP Conditioning + Giveaway

Happy Monday, my fellow fit peeps!

Since I know we all have a case of the Mondays, I thought I’d try to make it better by offering a giveaway! On top of it being Monday, I’m having a case of “why is it snowing in Utah when it’s supposed to be Spring?” I’m assuming that a lot of you are in my same boat.


The nice, ridicuosly in shape people behind MASH UP Conditioning, sent me their DVD to try out and review. Before I dive into how badly these workouts made my buns burn and how much time I spent laying on the floor post workout, I’ll share a little about MASH UP Conditioning.

First off, MASH UP Conditioning was created by these two hot mamas:


M-AS-H stands for Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High Intensity Intervals. There are 7 Tempo workouts on the DVD and each tempo workout is 15 minutes. That’s right, only 15 minutes.

Each Tempo workout provides a nice 15 minute countdown in the lower left corner of your screen (if you like that kind of thing. If you don’t like the countdown, I suggest yelling at the TV screen during your workout). The Tempo workouts are broken into 3 segments (Agility & Strength followed by High Intensity Intervals, and concludes with Mind/Body). You do a certain exercise for 60 seconds before switching to a new exercise. The HIIT portion has you do an exercise for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest.

Thank heavens for the rest part.

The Agility & Strength portion utilizes weights but honestly, if you don’t have them, just go through the motion and try Level 2 or 3 to challenge yourself even more. What I’m saying is if you don’t have weights, don’t panic and make a mad sprint to Wal-Mart, use cans, a water jug, or absolutely nothing and you’ll still get the benefit.

The video has 3 participants each showing a different level to perform each exercise. Level 1 is a nicely round pregnant women and I have to be honest, I often found myself following her! What a preggo rockstar! I found that I was able to make it through each Tempo workout without face planting by switching back and forth from Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 3 is a whole other story. It’s a well built beautiful man (eye candy, ladies) who is hopping and jumping and literally blowing my mind with his ability. I will work up to that. I may reach 40 before then but my goal is to do all 7 Tempo exercises at a Level 3.


What I like about MASH UP Conditioning is that I feel like I got a good, solid workout with my heart pumping in 15 minutes. MASH UP recommends completing these workouts 2-3 times per week (I do 3 times, MWF) for 15 minutes or combine them to make 30, 45, & 60 minute workout options. The insert inside the DVD provides a handy dandy workout recommendation as well as an eating guide.

We all have 15 minutes a day to workout. Stop shaking your head, stop it.

As a new mom to a 7 1/2 month old, working full time, traveling 2X per month, attempting to keep myself lookin’ fine for the hubs, cooking, etc, I found this DVD to be doable. Definitely doable and commitable. I’m a fan.

Now you get a chance to WIN your very own copy! What what!!?!?!!


Here’s how to ENTER (Leave a separate comment for EACH) :

REQUIRED-“Like” Mash Up Conditioning DVD Facebook page;

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Additional Entries:

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1 winner will be chosen via on Friday, April 4, at 9 PM and the winner announced Saturday morning, April 5, by 10 AM. Good Luck!

ATTENTION TO ALL OF MY PERSONAL TRAINING/INSTRUCTOR PEEPS: these lovely ladies offer MASH Group Training. It is ACE approved for .8 CECs. Please view or share this link with anyone you think might be interested!

*Pictures in this post were pulled from the MASH UP Conditioning DVD Facebook page.

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