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My Eggo is Preggo Update

The status of the uterus is that it is GINORMOUS……….. (proof).

North Davis-20130805-00179North Davis-20130805-00178

Because this boy is breached, I’m having a C section sometime this weekend or Monday, August 12 (I’ll find out today when it will be scheduled!) Before you start sending me messages asking me if I’ve tried this or that to get him to flip……….save your breath, I’m pretty sure I’ve already done it (they get progressively worse):

  • Child’s pose for 5 minutes every day for the past 5 weeks or so
  • On all fours, rocking back and forth for 20 minutes everyday
  • Laying flat on my back with my knees up and bent at 90 degrees for 5 minutes everyday
  • Frozen edamame on top of his head while sitting on my exercise ball (yes, I did)
  • Played some Katy Perry/Pit Bull/ Jay Z mix from Pandora down near my hooha. (it’s worked for some people……..)
  • Went through an external version at the hospital………never again……seriously, 4 hands trying to MANUALLY turn a tiny human WHILE they’re inside you? Not fun. Not fun at all.

So, see? I’ve tried it all. I know he has another week to flip but I have a septum at the top of my uterus and they think that’s why he hasn’t flipped (no room to) so I’ve come to terms with it. At first I threw myself a little pity party (cupcakes were involved) but I came to the realization that it does not matter how he comes into this world. I’m blessed to be able to have this baby boy and I would go through whatever means necessary to make sure he arrives safe and sound. I know I’m getting sappy but it’s true. This whole process is a miracle. I’ll stop there because I could go on and get teary and I don’t want to do that-just know………just know that bringing life into this world is truly a gift from God.

I haven’t shared bare belly pictures yet but have decided to do so today since it will be a big part of my post baby body, documenting how long it takes to get rid of the weight/loose skin, progress, etc that I know that you ALL will be anxiously anticipating!  (sarcasm).

Note: my belly button never popped out and now I have a lovely “Z” looking mark above it.

North Davis-20130805-00180

North Davis-20130805-00181

North Davis-20130805-00182

To say that I’m carrying low would be an understatement………….

Last week’s yoga class was flippin’ hard. I seriously can hardly even sit Indian style now let alone do downward dog.

This week will be my last class and I’ll start it back up about 6 weeks post pregnancy if I’m given the go ahead. I will keep you all updated (I’m sure you’re biting off your nails in anticipation as much as I am) of when baby boy’s birthday will be.

Last weekend I made a plethora of freezable clean foods (BBQ Pizza, turkey chili, pumpkin protein bars, baggies full of fruit/spinach for smoothies, etc). This weekend, I made more grab n go type items. Clean Eating’s Frozen Berry Granola Squares were super easy (5 ingredients) and absolutely delightful!


I made a batch of Oxygen Magazine’s (May 2013 edition) Vegan Coconut Raspberry Scones-flippin’ delicious:

North Davis-20130804-00175

My husband also made a batch of Manicotti (yes, cheesy, greasy, cheesy, and more cheesy) to freeze. He did add spinach-I’ll give him that.

I know that with all of this preparation that I will eat clean but I’m not going to lie, there are probably going to be days (eh, maybe weeks) where I eat my weight in peanut butter crackers, tortillas, goldfish, Wendy’s frosty (supposed to aid in milk production so it doesn’t count……..) and cupcakes. It could happen.

For now, I just feel bad for our cat, Duke-he won’t have a place to sleep once my belly is gone………….

North Davis-20130802-00169

Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and Be a Fit Fox!


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