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Easy Canvas Prints Review & Giveaway


Remember my last post about how you MUST have a healthy mind to have a healthy body?

Today’s review and giveaway has EVERYTHING to do with having a healthy mind.

Pictures give me peace; they give me happiness; they give me those little feel goods when I walk by them……..and Easy Canvas Prints offers a very EASY and affordable way to take your photos and turn them into beauties on a canvas!

I was extremely impressed with how truly simple and easy the entire process was (and GREAT prices!). You can use your facebook photos, Instagram photos, or download any of your photos.


You select the size of canvas that you’re interest in and then upload your picture to the canvas! You get to see EXACTLY what it will look like and even make changes to the lighting/coloring, remove red eye, etc.


How stinkin’ awesome are these prints? I chose one of our maternity pictures to turn into a canvas print. This is the picture that we chose:


And this is how it turned out on the 16 x 20 canvas:


The coloring seems light to me on the canvas and not as rich as in my picture but I love it none the less!

You can check out Easy Canvas Prints here at

Now how about the chance to WIN a FREE 8 x 10 Canvas print?! Woot!

Click or copy/paste the rafflecopter link below. Good luck!




Disclaimer: I received a 16 x 20 canvas print free of charge for my review and was not entitled or asked to give a positive review . This review is my opinion and my opinion only.


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One thought on “Easy Canvas Prints Review & Giveaway

  1. Sylvia Terry on said:

    How neat is this? Technology continues to surprise me!!

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