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Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

Say what?

Yes, I’m telling you that in order to have a healthy body, you MUST have a healthy mind. The two go hand in hand.

Nearly 1 1/2 years ago, I was at my peak performance and in the best shape of my life. Running 3-4 days per week, incorporating HIIT and long distance runs, lifting 4-5 days a week, and practicing yoga at least 2X per week. I ate clean every day and enjoyed a cheat meal once per week and wine 2-3X per week. I was at my healthiest, strongest, fastest, and I LOOKED my best but I didn’t FEEL my best.

Let me explain-I FELT good, as in high energy, motivated, etc but I wasn’t happy with myself. I actually remember a Sunday morning when I had just returned from a hot and windy 9 mile run. According to Map My Run, I had kept a 9:15 pace and I was SUPER proud of myself. I knew that I’d hit my sub 2 hour half marathon mark no problem. I drank a green recovery smoothie, chugged some water, and went upstairs to shower. I remember taking off my soaked clothes and staring at myself in the bathroom mirror………………and I cried. I cried because I didn’t like my legs. I cried because I was unhappy with the way my legs looked and I just DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHY I didn’t have the lean legs that I was striving so hard for. Just 10 minutes earlier, I was on cloud 9 with how FAST and HARD my legs had moved and now, I was in tears, CURSING them for being too big. THAT, my friends, is an unhealthy relationship between your body and your  mind.

And that’s what I continued to do to myself. I worked hard and I ran my 2:03 half marathon, and I found a part of my body to complain about (to myself, to my husband, to my family) nearly everyday.

My body was healthy but my mind was not.

In this last year, I have seen my body change. Some of it has been amazing (bigger boobs! a bulging belly holding my boy!) and some of it has been devastating (increased cellulite EVERYwhere! Lost muscle tone in my arms!). I have realized that our bodies are these beautifully efficient and amazing creatures that WORK so hard every day to keep us moving, to keep us breathing, to keep us ALIVE and so quickly we can tear down our bodies for a PERCEIVED flaw.

We are mean to ourselves. Seriously, mean girls ain’t got nothin’ on my thoughts. I’m mean enough to myself as it is. And that must STOP for you, for me, and for all of us.

I have a post pregnancy fitness plan. It involves weight training, cardio, and yoga. I’ve already planned to run the Top of Utah Half Marathon again in August of 2014. I’ll continue with my yoga classes. I’ve printed off over a dozen freezer friendly clean recipes that I will begin prepping in the next couple of weeks to ensure that I continue to eat clean while breastfeeding and in those first few CRAZY months.

But that’s not the most important part of my post pregnancy fitness plan. My first priority is LOVING my body. Fighting my mind EVERY day and telling myself that I am beautiful, I am strong, and I am getting stronger each and every day. My post pregnancy fitness plan WILL fail if I do not bring my most fierce positive mind to the table. It is important to me that my son see his mother confident and not tearing herself down.

I write this today in hopes that it will show you how important it is to have a healthy mind while you’re working so hard towards a healthy body. They MUST work in conjuction with each other. They MUST support each other because when you’re legs fail, your thoughts will carry you through………

……..and when your thoughts fail you, your body will show you what it can do.



Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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One thought on “Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

  1. Very well said Amanda! Love ya

    – Christy

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