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The Cellulite Chronicles

Blasted Cellulite.


Last summer I was at my prime. I was training for my 3rd half marathon, following an INTENSE 5 day a week weight routine, and eating cleaner than ever. My abs were tight, my arms were leaning out, and my legs were growing strong quad and calf muscles BUT I STILL HAD CELLULITE.

……..and that was okay.

The backs of my thighs and the bottom of my bum have these adorable dimples. 🙂

Here’s why I think this way:

I was enjoying myself working out 6 days a week. I could see the progress in my energy level, my strength, my distance, how I fit into my clothes, my confidence, and in the way my body looked. I was enjoying the clean foods that I was making but was also enjoying wine with my husband 2-3 times per week. Do I think that consuming wine MAY have been the reason why I couldn’t get rid of the stubborn cellultie? Maybe. But it wasn’t worth it to me because I thoroughly enjoyed wine and loved picking out bottles with my husband and planning clean meals around what we were drinking.

Can you decrease the amount of cellulite that you have? Of course! Clean eating and exercise (weight lifting/cardio/yoga) is what has worked for me while leaving a few dimples to the backs of my thighs and buttocks.

Most of you know my story of what I went through back in August and know that I’m currently pregnant (28 weeks). I was unable to start working out until I hit 20 weeks. I started walking again and take a weekly prenatal yoga class that I LOVE.

That being said, pretty much 5 months of no exercise  has left me dimply all over. Seriously, it’s like the low fat cottage cheese that I was eating cascaded down my body and stopped right above my knees.


I know that it is VERY easy to get frustrated, give up, and get down on yourself when you see all of these chiseled women with absolutely no cellulite but I’m here to PROCLAIM that it is there. It may be some nice photo touch ups or dang good bronzer but there is at least 1 intsy teensy dimple somewhere.

I know that there are wraps out there and some weird things you can do to decrease it and if you have the Benjamins to pay for it, more power to you.

From what I’ve read, seen, and done-here are my tips for decreasing Cellulite:

1) Drink water. Seriously, people. Throw away the Diet Sodas and juices and drink the daylights out of water. I target 3 Liters per day (pregnant or not). While I was training for my half marathons-my water intake was a bit more due to training.

2) Eat Clean. Simple sugars are no bueno. Eat your greens, your healthy fats (nuts, oils, avocado). Enjoy your lean meats (chicken, fish, even steak). Enjoy your fruit (I target 2 pieces per day-usually a banana and some berries).

3) Get moving. I’m a BIG believer in all things weight lifting. Don’t fear the weight room. I want to see some weighted squats, my peeps!

4) Get stretching. Oh dear heavens, I HATED this one. I’m too impatient to stretch and I’m an idiot for it. That’s where Yoga came in. Yoga is not only a strength training activity (for real, have you ever done a Chaturanga push up?), a meditation event, but it also LENGTHENS and STRETCHES your muscles.

5) Give yourself a MAJOR break and don’t shed tears over a few dimples. It makes you REAL and not some touched up body on a billboard. You are smokin’ hot.


Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and Be a Fit Fox!


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