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Landscaping isn’t for Pansies…..

I don’t garden. I don’t do landscape. I will mow and that is just about the extent of what I will do of “lawn work”. Since buying our house in September of 2011, Matt and I have not touched our landscape and have probably suffered making neighborly friends because of it. This weekend we decided that we would tackle the front section of our house. As I sit here typing this, I’m tired, burnt, and have bloody knuckles and this is where my weekend story begins………………….

Matt and I decided to have a date night on Friday at one of our favorite restaurants, Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria. It’s a great pub with outdoor seating and live music! They use organic, local products and make some of the best pizza, salads, and sandwiches I’ve ever had. Matt loves their beer menu, too. I scarfed down their Spinach salad with grilled shrimp, shaved apples, blue cheese, pecans, and avacado vin on the side. D-E-lightful!


Saturday was a gloriously beautiful and most perfect day to landscape but before we got all hot and sweaty, I told Matt that we needed to grab some Red Mango yogurt first. I’m a sucker for Yogurt sweetened with Stevia, an absolute sucker:


I’m 24 weeks pregnant and have people ask me if I’m due soon and if I’m having twins. After punching them in the face politely saying no I’m not due soon and there’s only one boy in there, I smile and walk away giving them the bird.


Sweet Matt. He keeps getting more and more grey and at the young age of 30, it sometimes aggravates him. I tell him he’s sexy like Richard Gere or Sean Connery but then he comments that those guys are 70. Oh. But still sexy all the same………………..I digress.

We went to Home Depot and spent a good hour figuring out what plants were what and how much sun and water and blah blah blah……..I was quickly reminded WHY I do not like to garden or landscape. We finally picked out some pretty flowers, shrubs, and mulch and headed home.

These are our BEFORE pictures:

DSC03480 DSC03481

I thought you would appreciate Matt bending over. 🙂 Inappropriate.

Anyways, you can clearly see that my little Spring wreath was not helping our little weed/overgrown grass area at all.

After watching Matt work 3 hours of digging, pulling, and planting we were able to create this:

DSC03483  DSC03486


Landscaping isn’t easy and I know that this really isn’t much landscaping but good heavens, it was a lot of work. Granted-I did more of THIS:


Than anything but it was hot and I was there providing moral support to my silver haired Fox. I did, however, find out that you really do need gardening gloves. My Shellac nails are no longer Shellac and instead were a nice black color and my bloody knuckles are stiff and sore today.

Today, I’m maxin’ and relax’n:


I’m laying on my side (the grey blob is my belly. Nice.) with my sweet, old should’ve-died-6-months-ago kitty, Gemini.

I hope that you all have had a most glorious weekend and have spent time with family or your loved ones, played a bit, had a nice little treat, and allowed yourself to just breathe a bit. You all deserve it.


Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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