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My Fling w/ the Asian Pear

Am I seriously about to write an entire blog post about a piece of fruit.

Yes. Yes, I am.

I was first introduced to the Asian Pear about 6 years ago from my sweet Cambodian friend, Sakha. She had an Asian Pear tree and would bring me BAGS of this apple/pear delight. I may or may not have eaten 3 Asian Pears in one sitting.

The Asian Pear has come to my rescue while being pregnant. This is without a doubt my husband’s child because ALL that I want to eat is bread, noodles, and anything sweet. I rely on Kashi or Cascadian Farms organic cereals, Great Harvest high five fiber bread, and whole wheat tortilas to keep my “bread” need in check. Thankfully, we don’t keep any type of baked goods in the house so I couldn’t even MAKE any baked goods if I even wanted to. I did stand in front of my pantry, perplexed and considering sticking my finger in the cocoa powder container. I did not. I have gone to the cupcake shop here and there (about once every couple of weeks. I’ll admit it.). But these sweet cravings are EVERY day and I now find that eating an Asian Pear makes me slobber kills that sweet craving. Hallelujah.

Which brings me to my next point, fruit.

I eat 2 pieces of fruit every day. 1 piece is ALWAYS a banana and the other is usually a 1/2 cup of mixed berries or an Asian Pear. I know that there are many posts, studies, reports, etc on how much fruit you should eat, and fruit has sugar in it, and blah blah blah blah. If and how much fruit you eat depends on your goals. You’ll find that many people prepping for a contest will NOT eat fruit and will decrease their water intake. Some fitness models will limit their fruit intake to just a few pieces weekly instead of daily because they’re constantly in front of the camera.

I’m not a doctor or even a registered dietician so take what I say and either leave it, laugh at it, form your own opinion or follow it.

Eat your dang fruit. Fruit is jam packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Buy organic or don’t buy organic and wash the shiz niz out of your fruit.

Eat a VARIETY of fruit. I say that with my own asterisk tied to “variety”. I love bananas and I choose to eat a banana every day. Call me a potassium hog or whatever you want but I like my dang bananas. Try an Asian Pear, try the fruit that you have a hard time pronouncing, try different kinds of berries, just try it!

I will slap someone if they ask if canned fruit is the same as eating fresh fruit. I already slapped my husband for this one. If you’re worried about fruit going bad, you can freeze it. Slice up bananas, pat dry berries, and put them in ziplocs and freeze them for up to 6-8 months!

I’m not a fan of dried fruit or fruit juice. Be weary of those because they are packed with sugars, artifical sweeteners, and natural flavors that are actually scary GMOs. Flippin’ FDA.

When you’re craving sweets, eat a piece of fruit first. I’m even talking about 9 PM (GASP!) when you want that bowl of ice cream or that leftover piece of brownie. Eat a piece of fruit instead and see if that craving goes away. (If it doesn’t, chug a glass of water and curse my name at 3 AM when you have to get up to pee).

Yes, fruit has sugar in (mainly fructose and glucose) but I look at it as my fuel sugar. Fructose is what some people warn you about because it could lead to an increase in triglycerides/fats because of the way our livers metabolize it. Are you eating an entire watermelon? A 10 lb bag of oranges? A 6 pack of bananas? I didn’t think so. The other form of sugar found in fruits is glucose which is a NATURAL source of energy. BONUS!

I like bananas and I like Asian Pears and I eat them every day. Do I plan on putting this pregnant bod in a 2 piece (hysterical!) for a photo shoot anytime soon? Only if someone paid me and I had access to the airbrush tool. You’d thank me for that, believe me.


My Asian Pear………………true love.


Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!



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One thought on “My Fling w/ the Asian Pear

  1. I rarely will cut out fruit. I do try and eat my fruit pre and post work out though. That is another way to get your fruit in and not worry too much.

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