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Baby Fox Is A………..



You know, Matt got all sorts of accolades today when we announced our “Boy” news to family and friends with comments such as,”Attaboy, Matt!”, “Well done, Matt!”, etc. What is up with that? I’m the one who did post coital handstands, months of ovulating pee sticks, and much more. Well done, Amanda, well done…………

Regardless of the gender, we are most happy with the news that our baby is growing healthy and everything looks normal. My placenta has apparently found a permanent place AWAY from my cervix and I can start to introduce excercise and baby making activities back into my life.

I’ve signed up for a Hike n Yoga taking place in a few weeks and a weekly Prenatal Yoga session at the local hospital beginning next Wednesday. If they make bathing suits for whales, I plan to start swimming 2x per week on base where my husband works.

I feel a very heavy weight has been lifted and cannot wait to start getting back to some regime. I’m not going to throw around weight like I used to and I doubt that I will be doing very many squats for fear that I either A) won’t be able to squat my way back up or B) send myself into early labor.

For any of moms, moms to be, or women planning to become momma’s, what are you all doing to maintain your fitness levels? Any advice on what some of your favorite exercises/activities are and/or what to stay away from?

Forgive me for the pregnancy focus lately, this is just a very new and unknown territory for me. I hope to gain knowledge and experience throughout this process to provide direction and absolute hysterics.


Eat Clean, Pump Some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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5 thoughts on “Baby Fox Is A………..

  1. Is there a Fit 4 Baby program in your area?

  2. Kaitlyn Kutschke on said:

    First off – congratulations! And SO happy to hear all is well and your little one is healthy! I have not been pregnant (and don’t plan to be for awhile!) but I have followed Fit in Heels for awhile and she just recently gave birth, but was active throughout her pregnancy. If you don’t already follow her, check her out or give her a shout!

    • Hi Kaitlyn-thank you! Yes, I absolutely LOVE Katy from Fit In Heels and have followed her for quite some time. Her and I corresponded back and forth for a while because she helped me through my first pregnancy loss and encouraged me to blog about it. She is one amazing woman! And flippin’ hilarious!

  3. Congrats on having a little boy! Glad you are able to exercise (and do other things) again!

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