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My 29th Birthday Shenanigans

A few months ago, I begin to accept that I would be turning 29 and shortly thereafter, I realized that I was actually ready to be 30. I felt like I was emotionally and intellectually (hilarious) in my 30 prime. But then I realized that I don’t want to jump the gun and I will relish my 29th year of life!

Before I was even allowed to brush my teeth, Matt dragged me downstairs to see my birthday present:



A beautiful display of 2 dozen pink and white/pink roses, a little black box with an appointment card for a massage already scheduled for later that day, my favorite Dolce & Gabbana perfume tied with a pink ribbon, a sweet card, and a 4 pack of delightful cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy (Samoa, Junior Mint, Fairyfetti, and Raspberry Lemonade flavors!) filled our kitchen island! I knew that he would make a great first husband. 🙂

Still rockin’ the morning breath, I started off my birthday enjoying a bowl of Cascadian Farms Organic Cinnamon Crunch Squares with unsweetened almond milk and a glass of orange juice. FAR from my typical breakfast and it was delicious!


Unfortunately, it was a normal work day for me so I headed down to my office and started my daily dairy activities! At about 10 AM, I needed a bit of a snack and grabbed one of my staples: banana and pistachios.


With just a few more conference calls left, I trudged through and enjoyed my broccoli/shrimp/brown rice mixture for lunch at about 12:30 PM.


Matt had booked a massage for me at 1:30 PM at my favorite spa, Mindful Women. Seriously, y’all. You go in and change into a robe and sandals then sit in their relaxing room with a fireplace and running waterfall. There they give you hot tea, water, fresh fruit, and pretzels and let you breathe easy for a few minutes. Then they take you back to your massage room and it is bliss!

It took everything that I had to not eat a cupcake (Matt said I had to wait until he got home-did he forget that it was MY birthday?) so I had a slice of Fiber bread with almond butter and honey drizzle at around 3:30 PM.


Shortly after Matt came home, he took me to one of my favorite restaurants: Zucca’s. It is a beautiful Italian restaurant with clean choices, a wonderful staff, and a beautiful, intimate location. Matt gets uber embarassed when I start taking pictures so I tamed my sticky fingers and only took a picture of my Caprese Salad.


I also had a cup of cream of asparagus soup. It was awesome!

We wrapped up our evening by watching a couple of episodes of Justified and each enjoyed 1 cupcake for dessert. I had the Samoa (seriously, it’s like the Girl Scout Cookie samoa just gooey) and Matt had the Fairyfetti. At around 9:30 PM, we were ready to call it a night. Maybe I should stop thinking about my 30’s since we obviously fit in with the 80 or above crowd. Good heavens.

Now, Matt and I anxiously await the arrival of my parents who fly in tomorrow morning. Then my sweet cousin Kendra and her husband, Jimmy are flying in on Monday night! Maybe that’s why we went to bed so early-we’ve got Texans coming in for Spring Break!


Eat clean, Pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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One thought on “My 29th Birthday Shenanigans

  1. Aww that sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Enjoy having company for Spring Break!

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