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I Stuffed My Face.

My husband turned the BIG 3-0 yesterday and as much as I LOVED pointing it out to him, he shut me up quite quickly by saying,”You’ll be 30 in 14 months.”

What a monster.

This weekend was all about my husband and I had fun planning things just for him and also eating with little reserve.

Saturday began with me picking up his cupcakes and surprising him with them! He loves Boston Cream Pie but unfortunately he married a woman who does NOT like Boston Cream Pie and who refuses to MAKE Boston Cream Pie.

Bless his heart.

I ordered his Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. Because they are specialty cupcakes, I had to order a dozen. Good Lord.



Like he needed ANOTHER reminder that he is 30.

I took him to go see the movie, “The Last Stand” and suffered made my way through the movie. He desperately wanted popcorn so I did what every good wife does and I talked him into getting a kids combo so he could have his popcorn, his little Cherry Airhead, and small Rootbeer. 🙂

After the movies, I took him to Pat’s Bar-b-que in south Salt Lake City. He’s been DYING to go to Pat’s because it was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and Matt is a lover of all things red meat.


Matt got a little carried away with his pulled pork sandwich with a side of rice and meat gravy. Gross. But he was happy and that’s all that mattered!

I decided to dig down into my Texas roots and ordered 3 slices of beef brisket, 6 oz pulled pork, potato salad, and cornbread. What I got was a lb of each (literally)!


Will someone appreciate what reserve I did show in how much BBQ sauce I used? I ate about 1/2 of the food on the plate and took the rest home.

Severe stomach cramps started at this point.

Next, we made it to a beautiful B&B in downtown SLC called Inn on the Hill. The coolest thing about this room was the tub/shower.


Please note that this WAS using the flash on my blackberry. I swear.

The next morning, we went downstairs for our breakfast and was pleasantly surprised to see this:


3 large, fluffy pancakes with a side of bacon and melon. Instead of syrup, they gave us pureed raspberries. OH-MY-WORD.

I ate 2 of the pancakes and the bacon (first time I’ve had real bacon since Nam) and the melons and it was delightful.

We made it back home shortly after 1 PM and both of us laid on the couch, stuffed and feeling oh so undesirable.

Matt’s 30th birthday weekend was fun. It’s nice to let loose a bit and enjoy foods that you don’t normally eat. I did enjoy 1 cupcake on Saturday and another on Sunday but no more!

The effects of my little food binge over the weekend are definitely settling in today. I’m tired, sluggish and just want to make garlic bread (what?!) and indulge. BUT, I’m making clean choices and have started out my day the right way and am feeling better already.

Make smart choices, clean choices, but for the love of Pete, have a little fun!

Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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One thought on “I Stuffed My Face.

  1. It sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend celebration!

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