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Sedona: Reflection, Peace, and Soreness

I met my mom in Phoenix, AZ this past Sunday and together we drove up to beautiful Sedona for 3 days of reflection, peace, and relaxation extreme hiking. Sedona was cold and overcast but the beauty was still undeniably evident. The red rocks were spectacular and the people so weird happy! On our first full day together we went on a short hike then met yogi, Breanna, for our hike and yoga session.

DSC03318    DSC03316

Breanna’s session was calming, peaceful, and at the end of our session I found myself in tears. I don’t know if it was her yoga session, the fact that I am a ginormous pansy now, or because of the location that we were in (seriously, yoga AT the red rocks!), but I found myself reflecting on this year.

This past year has brought many happy moments: my sister and brother in law buying their first home and announcing the arrival of their first child in May, my husband, Matt, beginning his Master’s at the University of Utah in Electrical Engineering, and my brother getting a new job bringing him and my sister in law closer to home.

This past year has also brought such sadness: the miscarriage of our first child and the death of my grandfather (the great man who baptized me and married Matt and I in 2008) who left this earth just a couple of weeks ago.

I have shed enough tears to start my own well and laughed so hard that I was unable to control my drool. I’ve hated and loved with such passion that I often found a blurry line and even had a hard time distinguishing between the two. At that point in time, opening my eyes and seeing where we were, brought everything home.

The next day, we decided on a 5 mile uphill hike because we are healthy, in shape, and are pretty bad A. Heavens to betsy-it was a PAINFUL but awesome hike. We saw bear/cougar/BigFoot tracks that were the size of my face (I had accepted my peace that if I met Jesus that day at least I’d be going out in the beautiful wilderness), hiked in snow, sweat so much we took clothes off (I’m keeping it G-rated) and nearly froze to death and had to put clothes back on. We got lost just once (only a .6 mile detour), we didn’t see another living soul for nearly 2 hours, and somehow neither one of us had the urge to pee during the entire 3 hour hike. Take that.

photo DSC03333


Towards the end of our hike, we came across a sinkhole called the Devil’s Kitchen. Mom and I both walked up to the edge and were literally SMACKED with such a force, it made us both dizzy and a little weirded out. We’re not sure if we stepped onto a vortex or had a little extra hocus pocus in our latte but we definitely felt something. Pictures don’t do it justice but this was it:


I considered this a vacation. Not a mani/pedi, eat and drink a plethora kind of vacation but rather a soul searching, hiking and yoga time away. That’s the beauty of the outdoors. I’m a gym loving fool but sometimes taking a step out of it and embracing this earth is the greatest. Take time away to breathe. Take time away to be you.

“The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.”-Elbert Hubbard

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