Clean recipes, Heart pumping Workouts, and Daily Motivation to becoming a Fit Fox!

YOU are in Control

I like love being in control. I like to plan. I like to know when things will happen. One of the biggest struggles of my adult life is finding that there are SO many things that I can’t control. I can’t control when and if we’ll be able to start a family. I don’t like to accept that it’s not my timing, but God’s. I can’t control when and if they’ll find a cure for Alzheimer’s. I don’t like to accept that there are people in our lives that have to suffer (great people!). I can’t control many, many, many things but there are a few that I, that we, can.

  • We can control how fiercely we love one another.
  • We can control how we ACCEPT what we can’t control and embrace the unknown with such strength and optimism.
  • We can control what we teach each other.
  • We can control what we put into our bodies.
  • We can control what we do for our bodies.

Isn’t that amazing? We are in control of WHO we are, WHAT we do and say, and HOW we live our lives.

Health is a powerful thing that we are in full control of. Yes, there may be family histories that succumb some of us to be predisposed to some diseases and ailments but for the most part- YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Eat clean. Make colorful and nutrient rich meals for you and your family! Make time to workout. Whether it’s the gym or just going for a walk, get your body moving! Be happy. Oh, that’s the hardest part but the most important. Be strong in the uncontrollable and allow yourself to relish in the small, joyous moments that you share with strangers, loved ones, and yourself.

You are too great, too special, and too downright AWESOME to not take control of your life and be the best, make the best, and share the very best of you with the world.



Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!



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