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Be True To You

Kasey from Powercakes is awesome. I love her, her page, her blog, everything! When I saw her post about being true to yourself it made me think and think hard (heavens knows, I really hate to think hard.) She put out a challenge, a simple one really, but a challenge that takes balls guts. She asked us to be true to ourselves and to share how we have been true, how we are true, and how we plan to be true to ourselves. You can read Kasey’s entire post here: 

That being said, what I am about to share with you doesn’t have anything to do with fitness or food but has EVERYTHING to do with health. Being true to yourself is finding what makes you happy and often what makes you happy is what brings you full circle to a healthy life. I find that when I am most happy is when I am squatting (weird, I know), running (I’m one of THOSE people), eating fish, spending time with my family, flirting with my husband, and drinking wine (maybe wine should go first?) 🙂

The things that make me most HAPPY are also the things that make me HEALTHY.

I found that I was most true to myself last October (just a little over a year ago). It started with my mom asking if I wanted to go with her, a team of dentists, a few nurses, and some other random people (meaning me and a select few individuals with NO medical experience) to orphanages and clinics in Peru. Say what?

At the time, my husband and I were buying a home. I had JUST accepted a new position within my company and needed to start training. I would be gone for 10 days. I would have to use vacation. I needed a few benjamins (a plethora of benjamins really). These were my thoughts:

  •  I have to use vacation days to go help people? (don’t hate, it crossed my mind for a whole 5 seconds!)
  • I have to pay 2K to what, sleep on cots?
  • I have to leave my poor husband for 2 weeks?
  • I have to tell my new boss that I can’t go to my training but THANKS for the new job?!
  • WHY THE HECK NOT???!!!

Below are pictures of my mom and I at the orphanage, the clinics, holding children, loving children,  eating strange things, climbing Machu Picchu, and above all, being true to ourselves. Not only did I find that the things in this world that make me the most happy also make me the most healthy, I found that when you are TRUE to yourself, you are TRUE to others. You give, you share, and you love.

 My moms’ got mad skills…….

 ………and more mad skills………..

  My sweet little Gabriel. I wanted to take him home so badly.

 The amazing dental team!

 My mom working on this sweet old ladies thumb that was bitten by a dog. 😦

 The KEWL-est girl that I have EVER met! Her foot was burned but she still jumped around and played soccer with all of the other kids!

 Glynna did amazing work!

 What did people like me with no medical experience do??? Cover the children in stickers! WOOT!

 My mom……..the baby whisperer……..

 My mom and I at Machu Picchu……..freakin’ awesome!

 This rocked my face off.

 Tasted like chicken………but it wasn’t chicken.

Sometimes you have to live a little irrational. A little unplanned. Step out of your box.

At the end of the trip, the money didn’t matter, the vacation days didn’t matter, what mattered was that I said yes. I said yes to Peru. In return, I had an amazing experience with my mother, I met the most selfless, beautiful people, I loved such sweet children unconditionally, I felt more alive standing on top of Machu Picchu than ever before, I found myself at such peace, and I found my truth. You MUST be true to you. No matter how small or big, finding what you are passionate about and acting on it-NO- LIVING it-is what being true to yourself means.

As my grandmother’s dish towel reads: “Live life. It’s not a dress rehearsal.”

Eat clean, Pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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One thought on “Be True To You

  1. Mark Eads the father on said:

    I will share with my team. Proud of you and so true. Love dad

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