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Balls. Veggie Balls.

Last Sunday, I prepped my food for the week like normal. Except I did it in style. Exhibit A:

I had gone for a run earlier and it was VERY cold and my ears were still VERY frozen. So, I threw off my layers but kept my SUH-WEET beanie on while making my meals for the week. My husband thought that I looked so funny that he decided to take a picture of me without my knowledge. He’s so sweet.

Moving on.

I love eggs/egg whites for breakfast (or really any meal) but found that I didn’t have enough time in the mornings to chop my veggies and just ended up using spinach and Cholulah. I got quite bored with that so I started chopping up peppers and put them into baggies but found they got quite soggy towards the end of the week. Thus, I put on my thinking cap, played with my food, and came up with Veggie Balls!

I began by chopping the following veggies:

1 red bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 bunch cilantro, and 2 huge handfuls spinach. Next, I heated a skillet with 2 tbsp. grape seed oil and tossed in 2 minced garlic cloves and tossed until they turned brown. Then I added all of the chopped veggies above:


I sauteed the veggies until the peppers became soft (about 4-5 minutes). Meanwhile, I took 1/2 a head of cauliflower and 1/2 a head of broccoli (stems removed) and tossed both into my food processor and pulsed until it was crumbly.

I then added the sauteed veggie mixture with the cauliflower/broccoli mixture and tossed until well mixed.

Next, I added 1 egg white and 1 tbsp cayenne pepper and 1 tbsp minced onion and tossed again. Once well mixed, I formed into balls (a little bigger than golf sized). It will feel like there is no way in Haites that they will stay together but they will! Place onto a baking dish, spritz with more grape seed oil and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Once completely cooled, place balls into an air tight container and into the fridge. When you’re ready to use, heat the balls in the microwave for 30-45 seconds then add to your egg/egg whites:

OH MY-LANTA! These were delightful! It was so nice to scramble up my eggs and add 2-3 veggie balls and have a veggie packed breakfast in no time at all. It did take some time to prep and make last Sunday but it sure made my mornings much easier and tastier. In fact, the picture above was from DINNER on Wednesday night: Veggie scramble with a small sweet potato with cinnamon. Nom Nom Nom.

You can try the Veggie Balls by themselves but the texture weirded me out, I would recommend adding them to something (eggs, pasta, even brown rice!).

If only my husband could put on his own thinking cap sometimes. He is a genius. He is highly intelligent. He is an engineer. He is also the man that jumped off of the couch this morning, grabbed his water bottle, and said that he had to go fill it back up. He leaned down to kiss me and proceeded to pour the water from his water bottle all over me and the couch. He didn’t realize that he left the cap off and he didn’t think he had THAT much water left in it. 🙂


Eat Clean, Pump some Iron, and Be a Fit Fox!



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One thought on “Balls. Veggie Balls.

  1. Sylvia Terry on said:


    I am going to do this!

    Can’t wait to see you THIS Thursday!!

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