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I Can’t Feel My Face

This was my view this morning when I took my dog, Sonny, out for a 2.4 mile run around our neighborhood. With views like this, I tend to forget about my frozen ears, the inability to speak after my run because I can’t move my lips, and the fact that I allow the snot from my nose to drip down my face because the thought of having to reach my tender, frozen fingers to my face is just too much to ask of myself. Regardless of the 31 degrees and the strong winds, I actually find joy in running in weather like this. (Yes, I do believe that I was dropped on my head as a child. It’s the only explanation.)

When I saw that Push.Pump.Progress and My (Mostly)Healthy Life (both awesome Facebook pages and blog!) were doing a weekly fitness challenge, #FrostyFitnessChallenge, I was stoked! For this week, the challenge is to run 20 km (12.4 miles) beginning today through Sunday, November 18.

12.4 miles over the course of 7 days? It can be done! All you have to do is run 1.77 miles per day! I did the math for you. You’re welcome.

Who wants to do this challenge with me? (PS-there are prizes involved!) You can read more about this challenge here:

If you’re new to running, walk this challenge! If you don’t want to do it alone, have your spouse/kids/mother in law friend do it with you! Challenge yourself this week-it IS the week BEFORE Thanksgiving so PUSH yourself!

Note: this is a picture before we started running. No sense in showing you a post run picture unless you REALLY want to see the whole snot/frozen lips thing. Message me. 🙂




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One thought on “I Can’t Feel My Face

  1. Mark E. Eads on said:

    I sent you my workout for the next run. I will run only four days and never top 10 miles so I changed it to fit my needs and schedule.

    Mark E. Eads Have a Great Day Sent from my iPhone

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