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What’s Your Number?

So, what’s your number? People, I’m not talking about how many partners you’ve had. Check yourself.

I’m talking about your pant size.


I thoroughly dislike talking about pant size and frankly, I am here to tell you that your number DOESN’T MATTER!

I am proud to say that I am a size 9/10 and a size 11/12 and even have one pair that is a size 7 that I wear. The new pairs of skinny jeans that I bought are a size Large. That is correct, society has labeled my pants Large and therefore has made me think that I am a Large woman. I should be bummed about that and a while ago, I wouldn’t have bought them because they said Large. But now, I work those Large skinny jeans like a proud, curvy woman should!

*Please forgive me for the horrible light in the pics. I’m not cool enough to have an Iphone and my blackberry takes terrible pictures but that is me taken 2 days ago in my new , size Large, skinny jeans.

I used to cringe when I had to write down my weight for my drivers license. Many times, I shaved off 10-15 lbs but then worried that if they found my body in a ditch somewhere, someone would say,”Nope, that’s not her. Her license says she weights 140 lbs.”

When trying on new clothes, I would whisper to the lady helping when she asked if I needed a different size because I was too embarrassed to ask for a 9/10 or an 11/12.

The number inside your pant seam doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are HEALTHY and that you are HAPPY and that you are CONFIDENT. A few months back when I posted the pictures of myself in a bikini (my starting stats post) and stated that I weighed 160 lbs, I had someone leave me a comment saying that they would kill for my figure but was shocked to learn that I weighed that much! I took that as an awesome compliment.

I used to think that I wanted to be a size 5/6 and weight 135 lbs but I’m not looking at those numbers anymore. My destination is not those numbers. My destination is to be healthy and for me, that means leaning out and building more muscle (oxymoron much?) đŸ™‚

Stop beating yourself up for every pound. Stop sighing and hating yourself when you pull up those jeans. You are rockin’ those and a silly label inside a silly pair of pants does NOT define you, it does NOT put you into a category, and it does NOT determine who you ARE.

So what is your number? I don’t care. All that I want to know is that you are striving each and every day to be healthy, to be fit, to make good eating choices, and to be happy.

From my size Large skinny jeans, I’m sending you a big cheesy smile……….


Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Number?

  1. Sylvia Terry on said:

    You are so beautiful….inside and out!!

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