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PROBAR Review & Giveaway!

There are moments in ones life when you eat something and a sound escapes you. More of like an “aahhhh” or a close your eyes and smile kind of moment. One would associate this type of behavior while consuming cake or ice cream or pizza or…….good heavens, I’m stopping. I am salivating at my desk.

I have experienced this type of behavior while eating PROBARs.

I have a mad crush on PROBAR for many, many, many reasons but I will only list a few as to not bore you and because you probably want to get to the giveaway part. Calm down.

Reason #1: PROBARs are actually good. Like they actually are enjoyable to eat. I know this may come as a shock to some but most meal replacement bars are ridiculously disgusting. As in grab-your-throat-and-massage-it-to-help-move-the-mass-of-processed-garbage-down-so-you-can-swallow-it kind of bar. Gross. PROBARs are D-E-lightful.

Reason #2: PROBAR is a product born in Utah and in one of mine and my husbands favorite ski locations: Snowbird, Utah! It is unfortunate that this product was not first born in Texas as that would probably move PROBAR up past wine in my book. And nothing gets past wine.

Reason #3: PROBARs don’t just have chocolate and peanut butter flavors, they offer a HUGE variety of flavors. Let me titillate your pallet with a list of some of my favorites:

  • Superfruit Slam (seriously rocked my face off)
  • Old School PB & J (I found my inner kid and embraced it)
  • Nutty Banana Boom (I ditched real bananas after eating this bar)
  • Double Chocolate  (Betty Crocker, who???!!)
  • Peanut Butter (I no longer go for the jar anymore)
  • Cran-Lemon Twister (Moment of silence-there are no words)

Reason #4: PROBARs are simply real (that is their slogan, you know). PROBARS use all natural, 100% vegan organic ingredients. How beautiful is that?

Reason #5: As a clean eating connoisseur, I love PROBARs because I can actually pronounce and KNOW what each and every ingredient used to make their bars is.

Reason #6: Their original meal replacement bars are packed with whole grains/food, they are blended instead of baked, and there are NO preservatives. The original meal replacement bars are all under 400 calories and pack a ton of protein, unsaturated “good” fat, complex carbs, minimal sugar, and solid Omega 3’s! These bars are truly a solid, clean breakfast for quick/on the go/rush out the door meal!

How can you not be in love at this point? Seriously, ditch

There are some things in the life that are meant to be and one of those things was having the amazing opportunity to meet a man that worked at PROBAR. We happened to be seated next to each other in flight and struck up a conversation. When he told me he worked for PROBAR, I nearly passed out in my tiny seat and became giddy. I was literally stumbling over my words explaining how much I loved the bars and about died a second time when he handed me a new one to try. He told me of the company’s humble beginnings, their beliefs and values, and their mission to provide high quality, healthy, tasty bars. Before we parted ways, he gave me his business card. It wasn’t until I got back home and unpacked my bags that I actually looked at the card. I had just met the President of PROBAR.

……………..and that is when I about passed out a third time. I seriously need to get a grip.

PROBAR has graciously offered my readers a chance to win some PROBAR swag! WOOT!

Here is what is up for grabs:

  • 4 sleeves of their most popular bars (each sleeve has 12 bars!)
  • 2 PROBAR T-shirts

If my math hasn’t failed me, that is 6 PRIZES! 6 VERY lucky readers will have a chance to win!

How to win:

  • Mandatory entry: “Like” Be a Fit Fox ( & Probar ( on facebook and leave ONE comment below telling me that you did (or already do)
  • Extra entries: Visit and leave a comment below telling me which bar you’d like to try and why. Share my facebook post about this giveaway on your page. Sign up for my blog on the right side bottom of my home page. Leave a comment for EACH extra entry that you have completed for more chances to win!

Don’t fret if your comments don’t show up right away, I must approve them.

This giveaway will end on Sunday, September 30 with the 6 winners announced at 9 PM MST. Good luck!



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71 thoughts on “PROBAR Review & Giveaway!

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  1. I shared your Facebook giveaway! 😉

  2. I am also now a follower of your blog, I am really digging your positivity!

  3. I love probars. I had already liked them on fb and just liked your fb page too.

  4. I have also signed up for your blog and shared the fb post.

  5. I follow your blog

  6. Following you on Facebook!

  7. I absolutely love PROBAR! My favorite is the Koka Moka but would love to try the PB&J!

  8. Shared your giveaway on my Facebook page!

  9. Heather C on said:

    I am yet to try Probars! I would like to try the Superfruit slam (and all of them eventually : ) because it contains super foods and sounds delicious. I also like the wrapper for some reason. Lol!

  10. Heather C on said:

    I signed up for your blog!

  11. Heather C on said:

    I already “like” your page and I also just liked The Probar Page : )

  12. I have liked your page, as well as The Probar page.

  13. First, I love your love of The Probar, because I have loved them from the first bite!

    Second, My absolute favorite is Art’s Original, but I’d love to try the Old School PB&J, Cran-Lemon Twister, and Halo Nutty Marshmallow…yes, I am a kid, lol!

    Finally, yay for this giveaway!! xoxo

  14. I like your page, obv! I just liked the Probar page 🙂

  15. I’d love to try the PB Choc Chip or Double Chocolate!!! YUM!

  16. I love these bar could you please enter me I love your site and all the enfo please pick me

  17. I liked you and Probar! I think all of the flavor a look amazing and I’d love to try any of them!!! I do love the look and sound of the super fruit slam but PBnJ would run a close 2nd!!!

  18. Moving along in my tech-know how and just shared on my Facebook:D

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