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The Fox Diet Bloopers

Let’s face it, I am in need of a laugh. I started this blog/facebook page just 6 months ago and in those 6 months I have shared with you my transformation, my recipes, my sarcasm, and most recently, my loss. I have decided that I would like to share with you some of my bloopers, or “diet ooops” if you will (please remember that these are my opinions and are most definitely not right or wrong, however they are mainly right because I am right, right?).  These are all my own personal experiences that spanned from about 2008-2010 before I got smart and jumped on the eat clean bandwagon (some I have shared before, some that I am in desperate need of a glass of wine before sharing, and some that I strongly believe will make my mom sigh and shake her head at me).

  • Hydroxycut pills may or may not work but in my case they did not work. I consumed the pills each day, without making a diet or exercise change, and stared at my naked self in the mirror nearly every day exasperated that I didn’t see a CHANGE! I was a pill poppin’ animal. I did this for all of about 3 months before I realized that I was an idiot for taking pills. Idiot.
  • I bought a pair of Spanx and used that pair of Spanx as my reason to not have to exercise or watch what I ate. True Story.
  • I decided that anything that said “Sugar Free” on it was the answer to my prayers. I consumed so many sugar free products that my body ended in many unfortunate situations. In order to not lose some readers, I will only share one story with you (so sorry to my beautiful sister, Megan). Megan and I decided to eat an entire bag of sugar free reese’s and sugar free mints during a movie. The ENTIRE bag of EACH. We spent the rest of the night on the toilet (separately of course).
  • I went through a Lean Pocket, Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, Balance Bar, and diet coke phase. Here’s the thing, I lost weight initially because of the decreased caloric intake, however, my sodium was out of this world. I was consuming so many chemicals and additives that my IBS flared its ugly head everyday to the point where I thought that it was NORMAL. I wasn’t eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, or lean meats because I thought that I was getting it all from the freezer section. Silly me.
  • I didn’t eat. I wrote about this in “My Journey” tab. I was working night shift and was just depressed so I only ate either 1 tortilla or 1 granola bar and 2 toaster strudels a day. That was IT. Oh, and I didn’t drink any water. Instead I drank 1-2 diet Dr.Pepper’s each day along with my 500 calorie a day diet. I don’t even know where to begin with what this “diet” did to me. I lost a lot of weight but was soft all over. My skin was red, angry, and greasy. Nice visual, eh? My energy level was comical. Truly comical, like a true laughing stock. I was 24 years old and had no energy. Embarassing. For the love of Pete, just eat.
  • I found an innocent obsession with flaxseed. I added it to everything. EVERYTHING. You know how I mentioned that my IBS flared its ugly head earlier in this post? No comment. Flaxseed is AMAZING and I still use it, however, I would highly recommend only using 1-2 tbsp instead of 1-2 cups. 🙂
  • My company does Healthy Lifestyle Assessments annually and about a week before the weight in, I would only eat fruit and some V8 soup leading up to the assessment. One time, I had a breakdown because I was so hungry and ended up eating Little Caesars the night before. I scored an 80 that year. 😦

I hope that if you were planning on trying anything that I mentioned above, I hope that I have made you STOP. There are so many things out there that offer to be a quick fix. But I don’t want to BE a quick fix story? Do you? I want to be a story of true heart, of WORK, and of true discipline. Eating clean is the answer and I thank Tosca Reno for catching my attention in Oxygen magazine back in 2010. I now walk past the freezer section, I make my own meals, I buy bright colors of food, and I have found peace in using food as fuel. It will take work. It will take time. It will take preparation. But it will change your life.

My IBS is gone. My skin (minus the most recent hormonal outbreak) is clear. My energy level would compete against a 3 year olds. Bring it.

My last two Healthy Lifestyle Assessments have been a 95 and most recently, a 98. I am proud of that.

So, throw away your pills and your frozen lunches (hold onto your Spanx, though, it seriously is a good product) and start rewarding your body with greens from the earth, fresh fruit from the trees, and lean meats from the sea and farms. Clean food is our answer-it is our medicine and our fuel.


Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!






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3 thoughts on “The Fox Diet Bloopers

  1. This made me laugh! I lived in the dorm with u during some of ur diet bloopers! U r adorable and I miss u!

  2. Great post! Soooo funny! Glad to see you are adding humor back in your life. You are a strong woman!


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