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Is it Worth it?

Before starting this journey over 2 years ago, I asked myself over and over, is it worth it? I asked myself the same question DURING my transformation and I ask the same question even now. Is it worth it to try and fit into skinny jeans even when I don’t OWN a pair of skinny jeans? Is it worth it to pass up the world’s best cupcake (because I’m pretty sure that it is the Sweet Tooth Fairy located here in Utah) just because I’ve commited to eating clean? Is it worth it to NEVER have a freakin’ roll with cinnamon butter from Texas Road House ever again? Is it worth it to go without sleep just to squeeze in a workout before work or before a flight? Is it worth it to manufacture so much sweat that nearly all of my sports bras and shirts are stained (specifically pit stains, you all know what I am talking about!)? Is it worth it to strive to wear a bikini in public when really how many times do I go to the beach or the pool? Is it worth it to miss out on grandma’s sausage balls, mom’s company casserole, dad’s bbq chicken, my mother-in-laws Thanksgiving stuffing, or my other grandma’s chocolate sheet cake? IS ALL OF THIS NONSENSE WORTH IT??????????

Yes, it is.

So often we get caught up in the outside. Meaning, eating right and exercising just to look good on the outside when we forget how much we are transforming on the inside. Imagine being a senior citizen with no blood pressure medication, low cholesterol-a healthy heart! I often think about when I am my grandparent’s age, how many half marathons will I run then? Yes, you read that right, I still plan to run until my death bed. Wearing a bikini at that age? Eh-maybe not………maybe. 🙂 I want to be medication free. I get my meds from fruits, veggies, lean meats, and teas (and coffee, I admit it.) I see today’s world where more and more people MY age, my parents ages that are dying of heart attacks, cardio vascular diseases, and are already limited in how much physical activity they can exert. I may want to rock those skinny jeans that I don’t even own really badly but I want to be running races with my children (just as my parents do now), I want to swim with my grandchildren, and I most defnitely want to wear a bikini dance at my great grandchild’s wedding (a little optimistic much? Maybe, but that’s something to live for).

When you’re about to throw in the towel and screaming at the heavens, is it all worth it??!!! Remind yourself of the amazing environment that you are creating inside yourself. You are fostering an environment of thriving health and beauty and enabling your heart to beat effortlessly. You are maintaining a cardiovascular system, a nervous system, that is free from poison, free from disease and THAT is worth it.

Please enjoy a cupcake now and then and miss a workout to catch up on sleep when it is needed. Enjoying a roll with cinnamon butter or a Thanksgiving meal is not a deal breaker or proof that you can’t do this. That is not the case at all. You have already shown that you are committed to eating clean, exercising regularly, and being happy which makes it worth it. It is most definitely worth it.

Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!



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