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Tis the Season for Grillin’

Forget the sausage balls, ranch dip, and chicken wings for holidays and say heck yes to grillin’! I’m from Texas so there is no “ing” it’s only an “in” with another apostrophe and you have to say it with a bit of a draw. Just say it that way. Do it.

This weekend my mom was in town and we definitely took advantage of our grill, the beautiful Wasatch mountains behind our fence, and my husband’s mad grillin’ skills. As much as I love beanie weanies and the thought of them as our appetizer makes me salivate, my mom baked some shrimp to keep me from going over the edge:

2 lbs shrimp spritzed with some EVOO and Mrs. Dash Caribbean Citrus and Table Blend and baked at 450 for 14 minutes (flip ’em half way through).

While my husband slaved prepped the grill, we enjoyed the shrimp and a very chilled and crisp Viognier & Sauvignon Blanc blend. D-E-lightful.

Since my husband apparently gets enough Omega 3’s, he had to purchase himself a very large manly juicy steak while my mom and I took part of a beautiful wild caught, sock eye salmon with a bit of Mrs.Dash Fiesta Lime seasoning. And of course, other than wine, one must have some grillin’ veggies (bell peppers, red onions, habanero peppers with EVOO and black pepper) to pair with it all!

Feast your eyes on this madness!

It is also very nice to spend time with someone that loves steel cut oats and fruit as much as I do. If only my husband’s love for Frosted Mini-wheats would transfer over to egg whites but eh, I can only ask for so much.

Two mornings, my mom and I enjoyed a bowl of steel cut oats with 1/2 scoop protein powder, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tsp flaxseed meal, and 1 tsp wheat germ mixed in for some uber deliciousness. And who can turn down a plate of freshly cut bananas, strawberries, and blackberries? My husband but obviously no one else………..

I encourage you to take your holiday parties and get-togethers outdoors (unless you live in Utah and there is no point to dress in ski clothes while grillin’ outdoors in December, just bring it inside at that point). Spend time around the grill enjoying freshly cut vegetables, fruits, and slabs of fresh fish (salmon, tilapia, tuna), chicken, and the occasional slab of beef. You’ll find that grillin’ will save you some calories, prompt you to enjoy more veggies, and keep your house from smoking and smelling like fish (oh, that’s only me? Really? No one else seems to smoke out their house? Odd.)

Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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