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Tricks of the Trade

You know your body best. You know your brain best (or one can only hope that you do!). Knowing what your body and brain needs, wants, and how it is most tempted is one of the greatest powers to have. For example, because I know that I start to heavily salivate at the sight of white powdered donuts, I steer clear of them at the grocery store. Don’t ask me what it is about those powder puffed pure sugar amazing-ness but I love them! It’s been probably a few years since I’ve last had one and that is just fine.

Below are a few of my tricks of the trade, if you will, and how I keep a lot of my temptations at bay.

Chewing Gum -I chew sugar free gum when prepping food and when at a dinner party/holiday party. Why? When surrounded by food at Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas parties, I am so tempted to just snack. Snack on the beanie weenies, the cheese balls, the cookies, etc. I eat before the party and when I get there, I pop a fresh piece of chewing gum in my mouth. If somebody asks why I’m not eating, I just inform them that I JUST put a new piece of gum in and don’t want to lose that minty fresh breath! 🙂 I also do this when prepping my food. Yes, it is good, clean food that I am prepping but before I know it, I’ve eaten 3 turkey meatballs, licked the batter of my pancake bowl, and sucked on tablespoons of peanut butter. Not good. Chewing gum is my easy way of staying out of snacking trouble.

Eating Out – I do a lot of my eating out DURING the week (maybe 2X per week). I am 100% LESS likely to eat terrible if I eat out Monday-Friday because it is right in the middle of the week when I am eating my best, tearing up my workouts, and chugging water like no other mother. We’ll meet friends during the week on a Thursday night instead of going out on a Saturday night. Your mindset during the week is very different from the weekend so why tempt yourself?

Chocolate – A long time ago, I bought a bag of dark chocolate kisses and told myself that I could have 4 kisses per day because dark chocolate is good for you. Silly me. I ended up eating half of the bag in one day. I just can’t ration. I can’t. So, I don’t buy it. I don’t keep chocolate in the house. If you are strong enough to only eat a few pieces here and there, I hate your guts more power to you!

Lying to the Wait Staff – It seems almost inevitable now that no matter where you go, you always get rolls, peanuts, or chips and salsa. I hate more than anything having to tell the waiter that I am “watching my weight” or “I eat clean” or “I don’t eat that kind of food.” Instead, I politely say no thank you to the chips and ask them to take back the rolls (after my husband grabs 4) and say,”I’m currently training for…………….” I fill in the space with a half marathon, or a tough mudder, or a new weight training guide. The vast majority of the time, I’m not lying because I am training for something but it just sounds better either way. I don’t want anyone breaking one of the commandments here, I’m just telling you what works for me. BUT-do be prepared when they ask questions about it! 🙂

There are many other tricks of the trade that I have shared with you in previous posts: packing your food, always having water with you, having a workout plan, etc. You know what you are most tempted by and you have complete control on how you keep those temptations at bay.


Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!




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