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The Moment, The Questions, The Doubt, The Moment

You know what I’m talking about right? That AH-HA moment you have when you realize  you WANT to change, you NEED to change, you HAVE to change. It’s the moment when the clouds part and the sun shines directly onto your smiling face and you KNOW that it is time to jump start your life and commit to clean eating and fitness! With a gallant “YEAH!” and an enthusiastic fist pump, you are off!

UH-gag me with a spoon. That is so cliche and corny and doesn’t happen like that.

The moment you decide that you want to make your lifestyle all about clean eating and fitness it just that, it is a moment of honest realization……honest reality with yourself and for even getting that far, kudos to you. The moment is the easiest part.

If you can recall, my moment was seeing how puffy I looked at the beach followed by a purchase of an Oxygen magazine (and a diet Dr. Pepper of course!). You can read about my moment here:

But what happens after “The Moment”?

What happens after, is the questions.

How do I start? Where do I start? There is NO WAY that I can do this, how do I do this? I am not genetically built to look that lean, so how can I get there? I CANNOT give up my diet sodas, so what do I do? I am too busy so how can I make time? I cannot where spandex so what do I wear to work out in? Okay, so maybe not the last question but do some of these sound familiar to you?

This may come as a complete shock and utter disbelief to you, but I don’t have the answers to those questions (what???!!) 🙂

You have to pick a clean eating plan that works for you. The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno is highly recommended as well as Eat This/Not That by Rocco Dispirito (plus, he is a hottie with a body so even if you don’t like his recipes, you can just flip through to look at his pictures). Then you have to decide what physical activity you want to do and how to do it. Get a gym membership. Hire a personal trainer. Order Jillian Michael’s at home videos. Take a Zumba class. Join a running club. Buy a bike. Do The Get In Shape Girls 12 week bikini guide (and die feel amazing!). Try out Jamie Eason’s 12 week training plan on You see, there are SO MANY different fitness avenues, you just have to decide where you want to start!

So you’ve had your moment of clarity then you had your moment of 1,000 questions and now comes the Doubt. Dum dum dummmmmmmmm.

I can’t do this. I will be judged. People will stare at me at the gym. People will laugh at me. I won’t EVER look that. I CAN NOT do this for the rest of my life.

With doubt lingering in the back of your mind and sometimes consuming your every thought, you start. You put on your racer back tank and shorts, lace up your shoes, shake your head to the person you see in the mirror and go. And you keep on going.

You clean out your pantry and fridge and fill it with vegetables, lean meats, complex carbs, and fruit and start cooking and prepping your meals again and again and again.

Then you have the moment. It is the moment when you realize that you didn’t quit. You didn’t give up. You kept pushing through the doubt and before you knew it, you made the change, you made the commitment, you began to recreate YOU. It is the moment that you realize that you are stronger than your doubt. You are a beast. You are a new creation. You CAN do this for the rest of your life because finally, you’ve seen what you’re made of. You’ve seen what you can do. You’ve seen what you can overcome.

So yes, having the moment to decide to change is the easiest part. Answering your own questions and slapping that doubt is the hardest part. Whether it be a week in or a month or 6 months, the moment that you realize that you CAN do this, you ARE doing this,  is the moment when you can finally see what you are made of. And THAT is spectacular.


Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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