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When Good eaters go Bad

I am a good eater. I eat clean meals, I prep my food, and I plan out my week. My grocery lists are always planned to a T, I can say no to chips and bread while eating out, and I can spit out nutrition facts faster than I can recall my best friends’ birthdays.

I am a good eater that sometimes has bad days. I’m not talking about planned cheat snacks, I’m talking about unplanned, emotional eating. It happens and I wanted to write this to share with you that most good great clean eaters have some bad days. I know my page boasts of motivation, making changes, and eating clean but I rarely share my “ooops” with you. Here are some of those “ooops” of when good eaters go bad:

  • 2 days after posting about saying no to a cupcake, I said yes to a cupcake.
  • Last Monday, I was in a bad mood and after a great day of clean eating, an incredibly hard HIIT and circuit training workout, my mood caught up with me and I ate 10 Starbursts (thank you, oh husband of mine for having candy all over the house), and 2 handfuls of dry roasted peanuts.
  • I gave up Diet Dr.Pepper a little over a year ago but about 3 weeks ago, I started drinking 1 can a week. Obviously, not a deal breaker but why do I need 1 can a week??? I am done. It was just those 3 cans.
  • I went to see a movie with my mother in law. She bought pop corn and I brought some veggies from home with me. While she went to the restroom, I ate a small handful of her popcorn.
  • After a wine event, we were given these dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars from Whole Foods. We no longer have those bars………
  • I work in the foodservice industry and often have to go to food shows. I pack my food with me and am able to say no to the mass amount of fried food, pastries, and decadent desserts. But at the last food show that I was at, the thought of eating my tuna for lunch was so agonizing that I’m pretty sure I ate about 1/4 lb of cheese. Ooops.


My point is, when you eat 4 rolls from Texas Roadhouse (guilty as charged) or say yes to dessert or eat half a chocolate bar while standing in your pantry (did I just admit to that?), get back on track. So, I’ve screwed up a few times in the past few months but I keep going. I ate cleaner the next day. I ran faster and harder and longer the day after. Don’t let 1 slip up be the reason for you sliding completely back. Pout for a whole 10 seconds, throw your fists up in the air for a brief moment, then jump back on the saddle. If you let 1 screw up be the reason for you to STOP, to QUIT, then you will be starting and stopping for the rest of your life.

You work too hard. You push yourself every day. You are getting closer and closer to your goals. YOU will rock that bikini (or speedo you man followers). You will rock those yoga pants. Even if it means you rocked a few bagels along the way.

Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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2 thoughts on “When Good eaters go Bad

  1. catrina on said:

    i was a little worried that you might never eat a cupcake again.

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