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A Day in the Life of the Traveling Clean Eater

Warning: there are a plethora of pictures on this post so you may have to revert back to your kindergarten days when picture books were all that you wanted to read.

I recently went to Phoenix, AZ on business and stayed just one night but had to pack enough food for two full days. Below are the pictures of each meal (how I put them together) and the times. These are their stories:
Did anybody just get the Law & Order plug?? 🙂

If you missed my post on what I did to prep my food before traveling, you can read it here:

Wednesday, 8/1

My cooler is all packed at 5:30 AM and I am ready to head out the door:

545 AM Driving to the SLC airport

2 pieces vanilla almond protein “bread” and a Vega/almond milk/spinach/banana smoothie.

Proof that my cooler can fit underneath the airplane seats!

8 AM On the airplane, in flight

1 red bell pepper sliced (I had 2 in the bag and ate half) + 12 almonds + 1 cup black coffee from the lovely flight attendant.

11 AM Lunch at Broker’s office

3 Turkey meatballs with Dijon mustard and low sugar ketchup + 1 sliced baked sweet potato with pepper/Mrs.Dash seasoning.

3 PM Snack

2 large carrots with red bell pepper hummus (quite messy in the baggy-will put in a container next time). 1 serving of unsalted shelled pistachios (1/2 the bag)

33o PM Hotel gym workout. Wednesday’s are usually only cardio days in the Get In Shape Girl’s 12 week bikini guide but since I knew Thursday was a bit tight, I did Thursday’s weight workout on Wednesday instead. The heaviest weights that the gym had were 8 lb dumbbells so I followed the workout perfectly but doubled the reps. The treadmill was broken and there was no way I was running in the AZ heat, so I did 30 minute intervals with high resistance on the elliptical.

5 PM Post Workout

1 scoop Vega One Oh Natural with 8 oz water (luke warm water from the hotel sink-gag me with a spoon).

7 PM Dinner

1 serving black beans with dollop of dijon mustard, 1 serving diced butternut squash with a little too much cinnamon, 1 cup black decaf coffee, about 10 cherry sunburst tomatoes, and a few peppers.

I know some of you may think that I am punishing myself or something because I can actually call this dinner but truth be told, I crave this! My body tells me what it needs and when you commit to a lifestyle of eating clean, your body will start craving clean foods! I’m not going to lie though, was I wishing I had a glass of wine with me? Of course! But the decaf coffee did it’s job……

Thursday, 8/2

530 AM 30 minutes on intervals on stationary bike

630 AM Breakfast at hotel

2 Chia Jam filled protein muffins, 1 small banana, 1 yogurt, 1 black coffee. I usually don’t eat this yogurt because it is sweetened with aspartame but I was HOT and sweaty (great visual, huh?) and wanted something cold.

9 AM snack driving to broker’s office

1 red bell pepper, sliced + 12 almonds and a Trenta unsweetened iced green tea! At over 100 degrees, I was so tempted to just pour the flippin’ tea all over me but decided I didn’t want to waste the $3 and the fact that I had actually straightened my hair.

12 PM Business Lunch-out to eat at an AMAZING sushi restaurant in Scottsdale

1 avocado with shrimp and chili sauce (dear heavens, it rocked my face off!). I split one shrimp tempura roll (about 4 pieces) and had 4 pieces of the cucumber lollipops (salmon inside). So good! White rice not so clean but with only 4 pieces, I felt pretty good!

33o PM Snack at airport waiting to board

2 large carrots, 1 Cherry pie Larabar

730 PM Dinner while driving home from the airport

Note: these are VERY hard to eat while driving. 3 turkey meatballs with dijon mustard and low sugar ketchup. I also ate the remaining half of the pistachio bag.

The only thing left from my trip was the Tuna Light to go kit and a few almonds. I carried a water bottle with me the entire time and drank 3 L both days. If you plan AHEAD, pack, and stick to a schedule, you will not be tempted and eating clean while traveling won’t be hard. Give it a try and let me know how you do!

Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!






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