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Surviving Week 1 of the GISG Bikini Guide

Surviving is the only word that I could come up with that would be a true representation of how my first week of The Get In Shape Girl’s 12 Week Bikini Guide went. I survived. My abs were so sore that every time I sneezed or coughed (and I have allergies. For the love!), I nearly broke down in tears. The unbearable act of squatting to go the bathroom was enough to make me seriously contemplate buying a pee bag to attach to my leg. And my sex life came to a screeching halt because every muscle in my body was so tender and……..okay, sorry, too much information but I KNOW that someone out there can relate. Right?

Sunday is the rest day in Kyra’s plan and I am so very thankful for that. After 4 hard days of lifting and 6 days of either HIIT training or long distance runs (I replaced her other cardio for an 8 miler and a 4 miler this week), I will be so lucky if I can persuade myself to get off of the couch to prep my meals for the week today. I will, I will but I am going to give myself a few more hours of coffee and netflixing before I move.

All humor and sarcasm aside, The Get in Shape Girl’s 12 week bikini guide, rocks my face off. It is hard, it has pushed me, and even though I haven’t weighed myself, taken measurements, or more pictures, I can feel and see a difference even just after 1 week. The little side muscles on my abs down next to my hip are starting to pop out. That or I am finally losing the extra cushioning in my hips. 🙂

I ran 8 miles yesterday harder and faster than I’ve ever ran and THEN did the GISGs last full body weight workout for the week and still felt strong after. Even sore all over, I feel empowered and have even given myself a few fist pumps this week when completing a workout. I recommend waiting until you are in your car or at home before fist pumping yourself or come up with a better reason than taming the gym stares with a “Kanye gets me so hyped up!” comment. It doesn’t work.

Do you want to push yourself? Do you want to make a change? Do you want to decrease the amount of times per week that you have sex fat on your body? 🙂  Then I highly recommend you visit the Get In Shape Girls facebook page:!/thegetinshapegirl to see what she is all about. If you want to start her 12 week training plan, it is only $27 (seriously cheap y’all) and is a very detailed and extensive training plan that you can find here:

If you saw in my starting stats post (, I will post, in 3 weeks, more progress pictures and my weight/measurements. Woot!  You have no idea how much grief and near hyperventilation I go through posting those pics but I know it will show true progress, hold me accountable, and hopefully, motivate others to start making the change today!

Enough netflixing now, I’ve got to hit the kitchen. Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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5 thoughts on “Surviving Week 1 of the GISG Bikini Guide

  1. I love this review!!! If you don’t have a foam roller already, I HIGHLY recommend it. Your lactic acid thresh hold will increase but you definitely want to take care of your muscles too!

    • Oh my good heavens, I MUST invest in a foam roller. I have been stretching like a crazy person: in the shower, laying in bed, even bending down to feed the dog. AMAZING week 1 and I am so stoked to start Week 2 tomorrow!

  2. katie on said:

    Honestly, I think you look amazing right now! I have to say, I’ve been working out for 4 months religiously now after a few year (okay like 5-7) hiatus. I’ve always thought I had to be back at 125-130lbs in order to have a body like yours. After seeing your pics and stats as well as another’s similar, I was shocked at the weight (no offense, seriously – it was my poor mindset). You’ve motivated me to say “f the scale” because the number doesn’t mean what, in my mind, i thought it had to. Thank you for posting. This is extremely inspirational.

    • Thank you, Katie! No offense taken! Yes, scales are haters. I had in my head for so long that I wanted to weigh 130 lbs. Why is that the magic number??!! I would get so depressed and just quit because I would always be in the low 170s or high 160s and just knew that I couldn’t get down to 130. Then, I got rid of the scale and haven’t looked back since! I brought the scale back out for Kyra’s program just to better track and provide stats but I’m not worried about a number at all and it feels good! To tell you my true weight, I started at 178 (back in 2010) and dropped down to 158 and have packed on 5 lbs of muscle in the past 8 months. With Kyra’s plan, I am hoping to lean out those muscles and get my booty tighter. I am so excited that you are “effing the scale” (that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?) 🙂 Good luck! Keep in touch!

  3. Roxie-Girl on said:

    Love your blog!!! I’ll be following your posts through email and can’t wait for the next one!!
    Congrats on getting through week 1. I just purchased Kyra’s cookbook and am making a meal plan as I type.
    Have a great week 2!!!


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