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Too Thick to be a Runner

Yep, I was told to my face that I was “too thick to be a runner.” No, this wasn’t a couple of years ago this was a couple of weeks ago. Me, a grown woman, was told by a grown man that I was too thick to be a runner. It’s true and it’s sad that there are people like that in this world, total strangers, that still bully when they’re 60 years old. Rude. Alright, before you go all postal on this dude, let me tell you the story.

In my job, I cover about 7 different states and travel throughout those states doing various trainings, shows, and presentations. 2 weeks ago, I was in Little Rock, Arkansas and was giving a presentation. During the break, a 55-60 year old man came up to me and asked, “Do you workout?” In my head, I was thinking is this guy seriously using this pick up line and does he realize that he is older than my dad???? I said, “Yes, I lift weights and I run.” And that’s when he said it. “You’re too thick to be a runner.”

At this point, I wish that I could put your anger to rest by saying I punched this guy in the face or that I had an amazing comeback and put him right in his place. But I didn’t. Instead, I stammered and said,”Well, I do run. I like to run.” He then carried on to ask me questions about my presentation and that was it.

I will be completely honest with you and will tell you this: I sent my husband and my mom and dad a text of what this guy said to me and I pouted for a whole 30 seconds and then I let it go. It did help that my husband responded back (very quickly, I might add) that I should’ve said,”You’re too old to have opinions.” and that my mom and dad responded back with,”You should’ve told him to meet you in the parking lot to race 3 miles. You’d beat him.”

This was 2 weeks ago and although I don’t let it “bother” me, I let those words fuel my runs. It is sad that complete strangers can say hurtful words, painful words, and pass judgement on someone that they don’t even know. I am sharing this with you for 2 reasons: 1) Don’t listen to a flippin’ thing a stranger tells you about YOUR body. Take the high road and be polite then imagine kicking his a$$ later. 2) Since when do you have to be a certain size to be a runner??? Last, I checked there were no guidelines or weight limits. Do you like to run? Check. Do you run for exercise? Check. Do you like running 5Ks, 10Ks, and Marathons? Check. Do you want to start training for races? Check. Are you a size 2? Uh, yes, when I was 4 years old. Are you a size 10? Check. Do you get my point, here?

I’m not planning on joining the London Olympics marathon team are you? But you are correct, I am not built like those women that run professionally, that make a career out of running. I am built like a person that can move heavy weights. I’ve got strong thighs (that I used to call tree trunk thighs but now I’m being nicer to myself and so should you), I’ve got wide shoulders, and I wish I could say that I’ve got boobs but no, the boobs aren’t holding me back.

So, here’s what I have to say to you. You are a runner, you are a weight lifter, you are a Zumba queen, you are whatever you want to be and whatever you are training for. Don’t let size stop you. Don’t let a strangers words stop you. Don’t let YOU stop YOU.

I’ve got my 8 miler planned for this Saturday in preparation for my half marathon on August 25 and I’m going to run it hard. I’ll show him a thick runner. 🙂

Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!



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5 thoughts on “Too Thick to be a Runner

  1. misi23 on said:

    I dated a guy who told me that I couldn’t run bc I wasn’t built to be a runner (i.e. I am also “thick”). I looked him on the eye and told him I can do whatever I want. Then I ran a half marathon to stick it to have the right attitude. Use it as fuel and show him who’s boss!

  2. Wow you go girl for taking the high road and moving on! People like that have their own issues and just need to take it out on others.

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