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My Starting Stats (& photos) and the Winner winner chicken dinner!

I know that most of you were either at church or chewing your fingernails off anxiously waiting to hear who the winner of the Get In Shape Girl 12 week Bikini Guide ebook is. Lucky comment #30 is the winner!

Congratulations, Shannon!! Please email The Get in Shape Girl, Kyra, at to receive your 12 week Bikini Guide eBook! Get excited!!

You can still BUY The Get in Shape Girl’s 12 week plan here:

It is only $27 and is a VERY detailed plan with great explanations and above all, amazing workouts. If you want a change and you want a change now, get her training guide and get started with me (and maybe Shannon??!!) tomorrow-we can all do this together!!

As I mentioned in my first post about the Get In Shape Girl ( I will be starting her plan tomorrow, Monday, July 23. Also, as promised, I will provide my starting stats! Below are my weights and measurements taken this morning:

Beginning of Week 1, Sunday, July 22 Starting Stats:

Height: 5 ft 6 inches

Weight: 163 lbs

Waist: 29.5 inches                    Hips: 39.5 inches                   Bust: 36.5 inches

Right Thigh: 25.25 inches   Left Thigh: 25.5 inches    Butt: 41.25 inches

Also, I promised pictures. These were taken this morning and most were from me until I was able to get my husband up and got him to take the rest. I will save some of the full body bikini ones for the completion of the program and show side by side. Posting these pictures is taking a lot of stupidity guts for me to do…….and a morning mimosa but I will get over it. 🙂 Also, please do not make fun of my faces-that is my morning face. At this point, all I had done was brush my teeth and at least be thankful for that! Also, I do not know how to properly flex and my husband was making me laugh so I look semi-special in some of these pictures.

I did take a full back picture in my bikini but will save that for the end because I strongly believe that THAT is where I will see the most progress, in my buttocks and upper thighs (and let’s face it, the thought of posting a picture of my big cheeks on the internet right now makes me hyperventilate). I will post my stats and updated progress pictures after completing week 4, week 8, and week 12 at the bikini guide’s completion. If you want to join me in starting this program tomorrow, click the link in the blog post directly above, purchase the program, and feel free to facebook me or email me personally at along the way. We are in this together!


Eat Clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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7 thoughts on “My Starting Stats (& photos) and the Winner winner chicken dinner!

  1. lins432 on said:

    Hey! I found your blog through kyra’s and I think I am going to start the 12-week plan tomorrow with you! I will need to modify it a bit as I will be working out at home, but Im ready! I had a baby 13 weeks ago and am sooo ready to get my body back.

    Okay, do I hope this isnt too creeper, but you and I are built very similarly. In fact, my height/weight and measurements were almos exactly yours before I got pregnant. Weird, right ? Now I need to get off the extra 12 pounds and extra inches to be back to pre-pg and then want to lose more from there. Anyway, enough rambling! Good luck with your 12-week challenge! 🙂

    • Fantastic! It will be great to have a fellow partner! Congrats on your baby and for jumping in now to get in shape! That is crazy that our stats are so similar-be sure and take some before photos for yourself so you can see your progress. Feel free to touch base with me at anytime. Can’t wait to get started!

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  3. Hey Fit Fox,
    I am on week 6 of the GISG plan and I have seen a huge change in my lower body (and every where else!) Good Luck!

    • Hey Brooklynn! Awesome!! I am most excited to see change in my lower body-thank you for the motivation! Today was insane with the burpees, push ups, and pull ups-my arms are going to be noodles! 🙂

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