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My 7 miler including a Faceplant & a new IFitness belt!

Yes, you read that right…..a face plant….on the sidewalk….while running…..And I call myself a runner (smirk on my face followed by a shake of the head)!

This morning was my 7 mile run in preparation for my Top of Utah Half marathon on August 25th. Amidst the strong winds and heat (I thought it didn’t get HOT in Utah!), 30 second water break, and the infamous face plant, I still managed to finish the 7 miles in 1:05. When I run, I usually do two things: 1-jam out to my age inappropriate, explicit, parental advisory rap music AND 2-zone completely out and think about what it will feel like to finish the half marathon in 2 hours. I know it may sound cliche and it probably is but when I visualize my goal, it makes me run harder and faster. Too cliche? Probably, but it is what I do and it works……………..until I face plant. I wish I could say that this was my first time and it was totally humiliating but it was not. In fact, as I picked myself up, checked to see how bad I was bleeding (not too bad minus the internal bleeding 🙂 ), dusted off my hands and pants, the neighbors just waved and went on their merry way and I went back to thinking if I was close to the 2 hour mark, would I really just pee as I ran or take the time to stop and pee during the race. Serious thinking here.

*Note: I am okay. I am quite accident prone and average a few falls a month year. I did ice my knee after the run to make sure it didn’t swell. I MAY or may not have played it up a little and had my husband make my tea, my smoothie, and bring me my water as I lay on the couch. Who wouldn’t???!!! 🙂

*Note Note: I did not and will not take any pictures of my scraped hand and knee because that would be humiliating. Not the fact that I talk about it…..but that it would be pictured and on the internet for all of the world to see, post on youtube, and laugh in hysterics at my clumsiness.

My 7 mile run this morning was my first run with my NEW IFitness running belt! Thanks MOM-at least I know she read my last post about IFitness:

This belt is extremely well made and is very light. The front pocket is stretchy and fit my blackberry easily. I do use runkeeper on my blackberry and Pandora so I actually run with it in a blackberry arm band and not in my running belt. I had half of protein bar and my sunglasses my new running belt and they fit perfectly. When I first started running, I had the belt too far down on my hips so it started riding up and I kept having to tug it down. Finally, I realized that if I just let it sit on my waist and not on my hips, it didn’t move and was quite comfortable. I have an 8 and 9 miler coming up in the next couple of weeks and look forward to testing out the belt further!

If you haven’t already liked IFitness on facebook, please do so here: They are a great running community and offer up continual motivation and words of wisdom. Right now, you can join them in training for the Disney Wine & Dine Half marathon in November. Even if you aren’t running the half or ANY half, you can still check out their 3 day a week running program here:

Now, I’ve got to get back to moping and fake limping so that my husband continues to baby me. What???!! Don’t judge me, I know you’d do the same.
Have a great weekend and remember to Eat Clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!





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