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My biggest critic…….ME

Warning: this post has a lot of words and no pictures which may deter some of you (honestly, it would me but I am the one writing it!) but I hope you stay with me through this one. It is extremely important to have a support system, however, it is even more important for YOU to be YOUR  biggest fan. This is where I fall short; I see my imperfections and point them out. For example, I am standing in front of the mirror fixing to get into the shower when my husband walks in, looks me up and down, and smiles. At the exact moment I see his smile, I make a face, grab a handful of fat skin from my thigh and say,”No matter how much I run, I still have these thunder thighs!” His smile goes away and he looks at me frustrated and says,”Give yourself a break. You work hard and look amazing. I don’t see what you see.” At that point, I am literally pulling at the back of my thigh trying to show him the cellulite (what is wrong with me?) just to point out that I don’t look amazing and apparently, he is blind if he can’t see what I can so clearly see. He shakes his head at me and walks out of the bathroom. WHY????? Why do I tear myself down? Why do I have to point out every bit of cellulite, pimple, or stretch mark to my husband-who does that???

I have an amazing husband, an incredibly supportive family, and a great group of friends who see how hard I work, who witness my food discipline, and who know how important to me a fit and clean lifestyle is. I have all of these things but yet, I don’t offer up myself ANY support or ANY kind words. Because I am my biggest critic, I am doing nothing but slowing my progress. Tearing myself down both verbally and mentally is breaking down my spirit, my dedication, and my desire to continue to work out and eat clean and ends up being my greatest battle every day. I write you this today because I have done just that. I woke up this morning, stared at myself in the mirror, walked back and forth towards the mirror looking at my legs and beat myself up.

So, what am I going to do about it? I write motivational things and post encouragement on my facebook page and this blog but don’t practice that motivation or positive encouragement in my daily life. I tell you this now, that will stop. I will embrace the compliments from my husband, family, and friends and not follow up their compliments with a “Yeah, but I have 5 more lbs to lose,” or “Thanks, but my legs are still ginourmous!” NOT ANY MORE! I’ve hung up my mean girl towel and am going to become my own compliment coach. I will still challenge myself each day but instead of staring at the mirror and criticizing my body and my imperfections, I will embrace how far I’ve come, and how far I still plan to go. I am no longer my biggest critic but am now, my biggest fan.

If you can relate to this and know exactly what I speak of, stop it now! Criticizing and tearing yourself up will only delay your progress. I am already your fan. I am already cheering for you on the sidelines and fist pumping for you as you push yourself. I ask that you start doing the same for YOU!

Are you your biggest fan?

Eat Clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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5 thoughts on “My biggest critic…….ME

  1. Yea! You have been this way since Kindergarten. Always pushing yourself, wowing everybody else yet demanding more of yourself. I do hope you can relish in the amazing, beautiful woman you are and continue to motivate others with your passion for life and health. Love MOM

  2. I am totally this way too Amanda. As a matter of fact in class today (I teach Spin), I mentioned to the class I was going to be going to the waterpark and I “HAVE” to spend the day in my swimsuit. UGH. One of my members looked at me, “But you are fit.” My reply, “But look at this chunk at my belly!!”.

    My pledge to myself is to have a blast tomorrow with my family, and most importantly my children. I don’t want my daughter to ever feel upset about herself walking around a fun water park in a swimsuit. Life is way too short!

    Great post!!

    • Agreed, Andi! It is so hard, though, not to be so “hard” on yourself! Way to go teaching Spin-you are amazing! Enjoy your family pool day-I know you will be rockin’ it in your swimsuit!!

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