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Mad Crushin’ on Runnin’ & IFitness

I crush on a lot of things: my husband, the weight room, great wine, and running. I know it may sound odd and almost sickening, but I have a mad crush on running. Like I’ve mentioned before, I almost don’t even notice the broken toenails (I’m sure my salon ladies do!) or the sweaty pit stains. Even with Kanye screaming in my ears and the noise of passing cars and trucks, I just zone out when I run and………………run. I am currently training for the Top of Utah Half Marathon on August 25 and my goal is to run it in 2:00 flat. I have been training hard and timing my runs to target a 8:30-9 minute per mile pace. These are my last 2 runs:

Believe me, 8:44 mile pace, an 8:30 mile pace used to not be my kind of pace. I was a 10 minute mile huff and puff, cramping, doubling over kind of runner. The hard part is going to be keeping this pace for 13.1 miles but I can do it and I will do it because I have a mad crush on running. Recently, I found IFitness on facebook. IFitness sells running belts and from what I can tell-they are flippin’ sweet running belts. I do not have one (yet-I am hoping that my mom reads this post and realizes that I need one! :). What I love most about their page is that they don’t just sell and promote their belts (hardly). They encourage, motivate, and offer expertise in the art of running. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned runner, a marathoner, a 5K’er, or a brand new runner-they welcome you into the running community. Most recently, they are offering 1 free entry to the Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November to 1 lucky runner. To enter, we had to submit our running story and I did so here:!/notes/ifitness/my-running-story-meet-amanda-fox/415300345183525 . If you like my story, please “like” it on their facebook page and also like IFitness (even if you don’t like my facebook story, you should still like IFitness!) 🙂

If you want to start running or are already running, I encourage you to check out IFitness. Regardless of whether or not you’re planning on running a half in November, please join this great running community! For a beginning training plan that only has you running 3 days per week, check out their running plan from Jeff Galloway: Stop looking at running as a form of punishment and start looking at it as your new crush. Weird but believe me, you’ll find yourself mad crushin’ on runnin’ soon enough!

I’m at Laguna Beach for work over the next couple of days (I kow what you’re thinking, work……..really???) and I look forward to my run tomorrow. Laguna Beach sends its greetings (please note, that is NOT my drink in my hand-the girl taking my picture gave me her drink to hold because she said it looked better than holding my water bottle-go figure!)

Eat Clean, pump some Iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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3 thoughts on “Mad Crushin’ on Runnin’ & IFitness

  1. Your dad read but not being your mom I want get it for you. Lol. My pace is still 10 minutes but I will be there soon too. Proud of you

  2. LOL-dad, you’re hilarious! I thought you’d still get the belt for me after reading this! 🙂 Love you!

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