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The Get in Shape Girl…….and Giveaway!

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. About 2 months ago, I found myself sitting at my desk trolling through some facebook pages looking for great fitness pages to follow. At this point, I had just wrapped up a tough leg workout followed by a long outdoor run and instead of washing my face, showering, or even changing clothes, there I was soaking in my own sweat, slurping on a protein smoothie, and more than likely developing some great back acne looking at facebook. And then I found it, The Get in Shape Girl. and immediately liked her page. Her before and after photos were astounding. The recipes she shared from her cookbook,, literally rocked my face off. No really, I am serious, her oatmeal is like crack, legal crack!

I love how she always asks on her facebook page, “What did you do today?” Honestly, on the days when I didn’t do anything I almost worried that she KNEW that I didn’t do anything! Impossible, but still, it made me get my act in gear. Then one day, she ran a giveaway to win her 12 week The Get in Shape Girl Bikini Guide ebook by submitting a photo of our favorite body part for bikini season! I am most proud of my abs and submitted this photo to her:

Now, I know that the winner was selected at random but I like to think it’s because she liked my picture (wishful thinking but it helps me sleep at night!) Later that day, I found out that I had WON her 12 week Bikini Guide and literally fell out of my chair! I am a seasoned weight lifter and a steady runner but after taking one look through her bikini guide, I seriously started to feel faint. Let me tell you, her 12 week Bikini guide will get your rear in gear. If your rear is already in gear, well then, it will probably get you onto the cover of the next Oxygen magazine!

I am starting her 12 week Bikini guide on Monday, July 23 and couldn’t be more excited! I will be doing it in conjunction with my half marathon training so there will be 2 more additional cardio days than what she has already worked into her plan. Am I insane? Have I literally lost my mind? Probably but honestly, I am just ready to get rid of those dimples in the back of my thighs and I know that will happen with The Get in Shape Girls training plan!

I will do something that I haven’t ever done before (gulp). Next Sunday, before starting her training plan, I will list my starting stats (weight & measurements) on my blog and facebook page for all the world to see (gulp gulp). I will also take before photos but wont show those until I have completed her 12 week plan and can show before and after side by side (gulp gulp gulp-I am literally almost throwing up now).

I have been in touch with Kyra, The Get in Shape Girl, about my plans and my anxiety excitement in starting her training plan. She has GRACIOUSLY offered 1 lucky reader, her 12 week Bikini Guide ebook! Oh happy day!!! Here’s how to enter:

1- Like Kyra on facebook at and leave a comment below telling me you did or already do!

2- Like my facebook page at and leave a comment below telling me you did or already do!

3-Sign up to receive my blog posts via email on the Home page and comment below telling me you did or already do! 

4- Check out her Bikini Competitors cookbook here: and leave a comment below telling me how many grams of protein are in her oatmeal recipe.

5-Comment below on why you want to win The Get in Shape Girl’s 12 week Bikini Guide (the winner will be chosen by and not by content).

That gives you 5 OPPORTUNITIES to win this!! The winner will be chosen by on Sunday, July 22 (just in time to start the training guide with me on Monday, July 23!) at 9 AM MST and announced on my blog and facebook page! I have to approve all comments so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t pop up right away! Good luck!



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58 thoughts on “The Get in Shape Girl…….and Giveaway!

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  1. Vicki Mcilwaine on said:

    1-I already do
    2- I did
    3-I did
    4-link is not working
    5-thinking of competing

  2. Kammie on said:

    I liked Get in shape Girl on FB

  3. Kammie on said:

    Already like you on FB

  4. Kammie on said:

    Already subscribed to your emails 🙂

  5. Kammie on said:

    I want to win because I LOVE doing challenges like this and my current one is almost up and I’m gonna need a new one to do 🙂 I need to get in SHAPE, girl! 🙂

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