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Clean Style VACATION Part 2

If you read my last post “How to survive a vacation-clean style”, you know that this week I am on vacation (others may call it babysitting) with my In laws. 🙂  I love giving them a hard time! Even while on vacation, I still haven’t missed a single morning run, I’ve continued to eat clean and I’ve still managed to consume 3L or more water per day which means that I had to make a few more pit stops than normal while out and also had to claim a tree as “mine” while hiking.TMI, I know.The only thing that I’ve slacked on this week is the weight room. How have I made up for it? By doing squats while brushing my teeth, pushups off of the kitchen counter while cooking their eggs for their breakfast burritos, and flexing my abs every single chance I remember. Apparently, when I consciously remember to flex my abs, I make a funny face hence the reason my father in law asked why I “looked” constipated. 🙂

Continuing to eat clean while on vacation is incredibly important to me and my goals of leaning out and training for my 3rd half marathon next month. Below are some ways/examples to stay food disciplined during vacation:


Last night, we went to a restaurant called Rodizio’s which is a Brazilian steakhouse meaning dudes walk around with large slabs of meat on sticks and throw it on your plates, green light or not. They do have a lovely salad bar and that is what I took part of. I enjoyed a spinach salad with broccoli, eggs, balsamic, and EVOO. I also enjoyed a bean quinoa salad, a cucumber salad, and a cup of fish ceviche. I’m not going to lie, I went back for seconds on the fish ceviche!

Today, we went and saw the movie “Magic Mike” which was a jaw dropping display of chiseled abs and RIDICULOUS dance moves that rocked my face off. Weak story line or not, the dance scenes were worth the bad acting. I love snacking during movies but snacking on candies and popcorn at a movie theater will REALLY set you back. So, I did what any normal clean eater would do: I packed some cherry tomatoes and mini sweet peppers in my ziploc bag and enjoyed them while lusting after Channing. (Please forgive me for my “glazed” look-the flash from my camera phone was a bit bright).


Tonight, the In Laws and my husband wanted pizza which I willingly picked up knowing I wasn’t going to eat any of it and already had a plan of what I would eat in its place. In staying dedicated to the lifestyle of eating clean, you MUST always have a plan. So, I said no to pizza and said heck yes to my Turkey Quinoa (click on the recipe tab and scroll down) with 1/2 sliced avacado and 1/2 a cup of diced butternut squash with cinnamon. Don’t be jealous! 🙂


Tomorrow is the beginning of the Park City Wine Frestival with MY PARENTS! I will continue to EAT clean but I can’t make any promises that I will DRINK clean. 😉

Eat clean, Pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!



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