Clean recipes, Heart pumping Workouts, and Daily Motivation to becoming a Fit Fox!

How to survive a vacation-clean style!

I have been on vacation since Friday afternoon (WOOT!). My in laws are visiting, my own parents are flying in tomorrow, and we’re hitting up the Park City Wine Festival (gulp) at the end of this week! With all of this excitement, how in the heck is one supposed to eat clean? First, you MUST make a promise, a statement, something to yourself and an accountability partner (for me it is my husband, however, I get made fun of in the process) 🙂 He knows how important it is to me and it is just his husbandly duty to mock, poke fun of, and unconditionally support!

On the other hand, I have heard only about a dozen times in the past few days, “Oh, Amanda doesn’t eat that,” “What will Amanda eat?”, and last but not least, “She doesn’t eat what we eat.” These comments are fine with me because I’ve got my big girl pants on and I can take care of myself. Here are a few examples:

Saturday night, my husband made steaks. I eat steak about 2X per year, I enjoy steak about 2X per year, I just didn’t WANT steak on Saturday. Instead, I had a baked sweet potato (wrapped in plastic wrap and nuked for 7 minutes), open faced with a tuna packet (water) and 1/2 tsp reduced fat mayo. Are you about to gag at this point? Hey-don’t knock it until you try it. It is delightful and is actually one of my favorite meals while I’m traveling.

The next night was burger night. I’m all about burgers but when you start throwing on the cheese and the ginormous bun and 18 different condiments- you’re looking at an artery clogging mess. When I bought the angus meat for them, I snuck in a 1/2 lb of hormone free, grass fed, organic 94/6 lean ground beef for me. Snuck meaning I stood my ground and forced my beef onto the grocery counter. 🙂 Instead of a bun, I ate the patty on a bed of spinach (are you starting to see my spinach obsession now????). The patty was garnished with 2 slices of jalapeno and 1 tbsp organic, low sugar ketchup. YUM!

I even got all fancy and bought colorful paper plates. I must impress the In Laws, right? 🙂

Lastly, I have been enjoying my breakfast smoothies post run EVERY morning while they chow down on breakfast burritos. Oh the AGONY! All of my smoothies have included 1/2 a banana, 8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup fresh berries, 1 handful fresh spinach, and 1 scoop or packet of protein powder. I will be doing another blog in the next few days reviewing the different types of protein powders so stay tuned!

But just between you & me, I’ve found my peace while running each morning and enjoying my cup of coffee on my front porch steps. It’s the simple things in life!

Eat clean, pump some iron, and be a Fit Fox!


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