Clean recipes, Heart pumping Workouts, and Daily Motivation to becoming a Fit Fox!

Welcome to the Fit Fox Blog!

A blog? From me? Oh heavens, this is going to be quite fun! I started my Be a Fit Fox facebook page 4 months ago with the plan to educate and motivate! What I found is that I was limited in what I could post, the size of the posts, images, etc. I realized in these short 4 months that I needed to create a blog so that I could continue to ramble in a more organized form in hopes of continuing to educate and motivate! Please take a few minutes and click on About Mrs.Fox so you have an idea of who you are dealing with. 🙂 I posted this picture of my abs last month to keep me accountable and to also get people motivated to eat clean and step back into the gym (or home gym!). I continue to work towards my goal of creating a lean, hard body while enjoying the wonderful lifestyle of clean eating and STILL enjoying my red wine. I can’t give that up, right?!


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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fit Fox Blog!

  1. Gerri Dickerson on said:

    Congrats on the blog!! Have fun.

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